Inhabitants of the Alluvium can suffer

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On July 1, on a city dump the fire on which began on June 29, the heavy machinery which gets garbage, continues to workafter all decay still proceeds.

As reported in the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area, firefighters on object in Big Korenikhe already finished the work.

Meanwhile inhabitants of the residential district Alluvium are smothered by a poisonous smoke which the wind brings from a city dump. We addressed in the Regional sanepidemstantion to receive the answer - whether products of burning of garbage are harmful to health of the person. The chief physician Vladimir Klochko is at this time in Kiev therefore to receive its comment it wasn't possible. Us sent to municipal department of Regional SES, and from there, having referred that this question not in their competence, redirected to city SES.

We managed to communicate to the chief health officer of Nikolaev Vasily Ganusovsky who noted that none of residents with complaints to a suffocating smoke and deterioration of a state of health from - for it didn't address.

On the question, whether is dangerous that inhabitants of the Alluvium (and not only) inhale the smoke brought by a wind from a burning dump, the chief health officer answered:

- Probably, dangerously.

Vasily Ganusovsky told that on the Alluvium city SES didn't carry out the air analysis, and also noticed that we addressed for explanations at the wrong door, and redirected us to ecologists.

We called in the State ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area and received the comment of the first deputy chief of this structure Vasily Kushneruk. According to him, their laboratory on the Alluvium didn't carry out the air analysis as has no corresponding certification. He noted that all questions concerning health of citizens, it is necessary to send to a sanepidemstantion, and with a question concerning influence on ecology of a city dump to us have to help in Nikolaevsk a site of the State inspectorate for environmental protection of Severo - the Western region of the Black Sea where we immediately addressed.

However we were told that all inspectors at present on departures, and it will be possible to contact them only tomorrow.

In Regional and City managements of ecology and environment, and also in the Municipal government of health care and housing and communal services Department, despite our persistence in aspiration to phone, anybody didn't contact.

But even if would leave, there are all bases to believe (how us "футболили" from one structure at another) that we wouldn't receive the distinct answer to our questions. And questions extremely simple: a) the smoke from a fire on a dump and b) is how unhealthy when it will come to an end. There are no questions of answers to these answers, because a city dump, which with iron frequency flares up (it already the third fire for any one and a half months), to none of the administration isn't necessary. Therefore it is necessary to repeat old, as the world, a saying: escape who as can!

To us doesn't remain anything else how to send our readers to a material of half-month prescription in which it is described, what muck is allocated in city air at a fire on a dump.


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