In Nikolaev cases of detection of mercury - the Ministry of Emergency Situations бъет in an alarm

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Only for the last two months in the Nikolaev area two cases of detection by citizens of dangerous metal - mercury, at first already 3 cases are recorded 2009. Very few people distinctly know, what dangerous properties it possesses.

The last case occurred on October 11 when in the Ministry of Emergency Situations the message that 74 - the summer resident of Nikolaev during carrying out dismantle of the economic construction found capacity with unknown substance arrived. Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations established that in glass container with a capacity of 500 ml there is a mercury weighing 1 kilogram of 200 grams.

Mercury - metal серебристо - white color, in usual conditions easily mobile liquid which at blow is divided into small balls, is 13,5 times heavier than water. With temperature increase evaporation of mercury increases. Vapors of mercury and its connection are very poisonous. With hit in a human body through respiratory organs, mercury accumulates and remains there for the rest of life. Concentration of vapors of mercury in air over norm causes sharp poisoning of a human body.

Symptoms of sharp poisoning are shown in 8-24 hours: the general weakness, headache begins and temperature increases; over time - belly-aches, diarrhea, hurt gums.

Chronic poisoning is a consequence of inhalation of small concentration of vapors of mercury throughout long time. Symptoms of such poisoning is decrease in working capacity, fast fatigue, easing of memory and a headache; the catarrhal phenomena are in some cases possible from the top airways, bleeding of the gums, easy trembling of hands and diarrhea.

Long time of any signs can not be, but then fatigue, weakness, drowsiness gradually increases; appear - a headache, apathy and emotional instability; the speech is violated, hands, eyelids, and in hard cases - feet and all body shiver. Mercury strikes nervous system, and long influence it causes even madness.
The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns: If you found or saw substance similar to mercury in any place, please, immediately phone "101" or militia according to number "102".Don't try to collect mercury independently at all.


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