On the majority of the enterprises in Pervomaisk the area all conditions that workers got production injuries

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Working conditions at the enterprises of the May Day region of the Nikolaev area are unsafe. Inspectors of territorial administration of the Gosgorpromnadzor estimated the organization of safe work there as insufficient.

During complex check inspectors examined 49 enterprises at which revealed 417 violations on labor protection. About it reports a press - the Gosgorpromnadzor center in the Nikolaev area.

From - for revealed violations it is forbidden to carry out 39 types of works. Work to the 92nd unit of equipment which further operation creates threat of life and to health of workers is suspended.

41 persons, including 11 first heads of the enterprises are brought to administrative responsibility.

It is established that the majority of the checked enterprises didn't get permission to performance of work of the increased danger and operation of cars and mechanisms of the increased danger.

Heads of many enterprises, establishments and the organizations weren't trained also examination concerning labor protection. To workers aren't instructed or carried out with violations.

In addition, workers aren't in full provided with special clothes and means of protection. Almost at all checked enterprises the operating control of a condition of labor protection on workplaces is weakened.

Not at all enterprises certification of workplaces with harmful working conditions is carried out.

It is established that on a large number of the enterprises of the area the persons responsible for safe operation of electrical facilities, have no fourth group on electrical safety. Besides, cases when at the enterprises the next measurements and tests in electroinstallations aren't carried out are recorded, and mobile mechanisms on currents aren't grounded.

In an unsatisfactory state fire safety at the enterprises of storage and grain processing. Almost all enterprises at which grain stores were checked, aren't equipped with the automatic fire alarm system. Processing by fireproof solution of their wooden designs isn't carried out. Fire boards are incomplete stock.


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