At the Odessa school the superfather in revenge for the beaten son contused the director and the director of studies

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Yesterday at the Odessa school No. 125 a children's fight suddenly developed into beating of school teachers. Teachers, according to eyewitnesses, the raged father of one of pupils of the seventh class beat.

"Everything began with that two intimate friends - the schoolmate quarreled. In a fight to one another I hurt a nose. After that the hackneyed guy called the father, that arrived and started thrashing the offender of the son. The principal and the director of studies tried to drag the man from the teenager, but also got under a shower of blows", - the witness of beating, the school nurse Anna Myachivskaya tells.

Blows of an aggressor were so "productive" that hackneyed teachers appeared next day on hospital beds. The most injured - to the principal Elena Sugak - even had to give emergency medical help in the conflict. According to doctors, it injured an eardrum and closed cherepno - a brain trauma. "On - to another I couldn't arrive. I tried to protect from beating of the pupil of my school - it the father of other pupil Valery O. Kogda I smothered and banged the head about a wall closed it from the brawler, it and me threw about a wall. Got also to my colleague - the director of studies to Lyudmila Martynova. Her man struck, and it fell backwards", - the principal told. As it became clear, beating of teachers happened directly in a school corridor, in the face of other school students. They unanimously tell that soon after a fight on help his subordinates drove up to the brawler - employees of one of the Odessa security agencies. The school student Victor Shevchuk claims that security guards after a fight tried to intimidate witnesses of the conflict. "Huge security guards looked for witnesses with words: "Well, to whom here to break a nose? " - the teenager tells. The disturber of school tranquillity, Valery O., calls that happened at school, "mutual responsibility". "Everything that injured teachers tell allegedly, lies. To my child I broke a nose his schoolmate. When I arrived, he sat all in blood, all thrown. Neither the director, nor the class teacher didn't try to find out at all the reason of why my child is beaten. I tried to find out the reason, but on me the director and the director of studies started rushing. I defended and beat nobody", - the father of the child cut off.

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