Nikolaev Mchsniki taught children to safety rules

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For October in all preschool and educational institutions of the Nikolaev area pass "Months of knowledge of health and safety".

These actions are remarkable opportunity to inform to children elementary safety rules own to life. Whether after all from that children know these fire safety regulations and activity, whether are able to be guided in any emergency situations, their life depends.

On October 22 in Nikolaevsk regional scientifically - the rehabilitation downtown of Nikolaev the open lesson of training of children in rules of safe activity was conducted. Kids were waited by an unexpected surprise. There began a lesson employees of Factory regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who instructed by fire safety regulations, showed suppression of a conditional fire by means of the powder fire extinguisher and water which was pumped from a sleeve. Each of kids had opportunity with own hand to try to extinguish a conditional fire. The children's pleasure wasn't a limit. Also everyone was photographed in fighting clothes, examined fire truck and even sat inside. Grateful children, in turn, showed to employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, teachers, the age-mates the game "KVN of Young Firefighters". We have a draw.

On October 23 in the Gymnasium No. 3 the seminar on fire safety took place. Among invited there were also workers of SGPCh-8 on protection of the Ship district of the city of Nikolaev. Propaganda team "We for a healthy lifestyle" together with age-mates in the form of a seminar told about rules of safe activity, showed the thematic exhibition "Fire Safety" in the form of drawings, posters, and employees of SGPCh-8, in turn, staged fire show - extinguished a conditional fire, showed autoladder work.

As the first deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Oleg Masur commented: "Annual carrying out "Health and safety month" became an integral part of educational process. Life proves emergency of receiving such knowledge to children, adults, after all preservation of human life is a priority all of us and service 101".


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