Nikolaev Mchsniki send to the people to tell about dangers which wait for people in the oseena - the winter period

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The Nikolaev rescuers started fire-prevention checks of houses. Raids are carried out for the purpose of the prevention of fires, death and traumatism of people in the oseena - the winter period as the number of fires increases at this particular time. About it reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area

Therefore, on October 23 the road group in common worked with mass media in the Ship district of the city of Nikolaev. The main attention was paid to scheduled maintenance with the population. First of all, inspectors of fire supervision I interested a condition of an electrical wiring and correctness of operation of heating devices. After all ahead the winter season, it means that the risk of fire from - for non-compliance with rules will sharply increase.

The supervising foreman No. 3 of the municipal enterprise SKP "Hostel" Konstantin Titkov told that a situation in the area which serves its housing and communal services with fires and incidents the stable. Collaboration of staff of the municipal enterprise and service Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Ship area in training of the population isn't in vain: meetings of citizens and apartment rounds are held. However рейдовики visited and such hostels of the Ship area where the state of affairs on fire safety is unsatisfactory. Inhabitants in the last turn cared, about own safety.

In one of hostels in kitchen we were met by the woman who warmed a rim on an electric stove with an open spiral of an incandescence. Indoors there were some more similar plates on wooden tables without metal letters. Sockets which included plates, and have damage. On tables there were teapots with boilers.

Having entered to the kitchen, inspecting were horrified by such number of violations of elementary fire safety regulations. They immediately took measures - is suspended electric equipment operation. On the responsible person the instruction, on prevention of operation of electric devices with violations of the rules of fire safety was written out.With inhabitants of the inspector of the Goszhpozhnadzor carried out scheduled maintenance, distributed propaganda leaflets with fire safety regulations.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area reminds: to ensure safety of the housing and property it is necessary to remember such rules:

- it is forbidden uses of electric stoves with open heating elements;

- the electric stove surely has to stand on a nonflammable basis;

- leaving from don't leave at home to switch off all equipment and energy carriers;

- don't allow overheatings and an electric equipment overload;

- don't allow that in one network it was included no more than admissible number of consumers;

- don't allow electric equipment operation with the damaged isolation;

- all electric equipment has to have a serviceable appearance and the quality certificate;

- don't charge to children to watch electric heating devices;

- don't allow children to use electroheating devices;

Remember! Only at observance of these rules it is possible to avoid trouble


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