To drivers didn't allow to drink more - the chief of GAI

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In Ukraine didn't increase admissible norm of contents of alcohol in an organism of drivers.

It was declared by the head of the department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Kolomiyets on a press - conferences on Wednesday.

According to him, GAI is going to buy a batch of new devices for definition of the content of alcohol in an organism of the driver in number of 5 pieces.

They will appear approximately in a week, and will have a necessary set of documents, in particular, certificates of Ministry of Health and Gosstandart.

Kolomiyets noted that the standard of the content of alcohol in 0,2 per milles is criterion for definition of a state of intoxication of the driver.

"At a wheel it is impossible to drink", - he emphasized.

"In Europe it is possible to drink a glass of beer or 20 grams of whisky. For me 20 grams are there will be 0,2 per milles, and for someone 0,5. It (depends on such factors as) body weight, the trenirovannost, what snack, is a lot of factors", - the chief of GAI noted.

According to him, use of new devices will allow "not to pull the person on survey, not to go 10 kilometers, not to spend his (driver) time".

If the person disagrees to undergo testing on the device, that, according to Kolomiyts, it carry to a medical aid station.

And if the driver refuses to go to a first-aid post, at witnesses the document on refusal of survey which is enough for punishment "as for a carousal" is formed, he added.

Besides, the chief of GAI noted that the list of medical means which have to be in the first-aid kit of the driver isn't established by regulations. According to him, traffic regulations demand only first-aid kit existence in the car.

Also Kolomiyets declared that from next year employees of GAI will pay more attention to such violations, as seat belt not fastening.

He also noted that the cost of the plastic coupon on technical inspection of the vehicle in 100 hryvnias is caused by that in coupons protection elements are used.

"We revealed cases of abuse by the staff of GAI when coupons were on sale almost on a market", - he told, having assured that with plastic coupons such won't be.


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