9,5 thousand violations made this year Nikolaev "marshrutchik"

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Nikolayevtsev transport 3 699 share taxis on city roads and area. Such quantity of transport, naturally, can't remain unnoticed in the general stream of cars which captivated the carriageway.

And only lazy them won't abuse: for dangerous management of drivers of share taxis, for which it not only the vehicle, but also the main source of the income, respectively from here and a pursuit of each client; for excess of speed of movement, sharp movements from a row in a row, unexpected stops on request of passengers "in the middle of the road" in the places not established for a stop; for technical condition of cars which leaves much to be desired; for not corresponding to norms and standards re-equipment for the purpose of receiving bigger quantity of seats; for transportation of "standing" passengers … And this list of questions can be continued still, however daily minibuses leave in flight and carry the passengers.

Therefore, for the purpose of the accident rate prevention on passenger transport, Management of the State traffic inspectorate of area daily carries out special measures during which working off of places of concentration of share taxis is carried out, check of technical condition of minibuses is conducted both at departure to the line, and on a movement route, the inspector of sector of public relations of UDAI UMV of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Olga Novokhatskaya reports.

The special attention is paid on observance of rules of safe transportation of passengers. In the current year 9 499 cases of violation of the rules of traffic are revealed by drivers of share taxis. 87 drivers were in an alcohol intoxication. And these a grief - drivers were let out on routes for implementation of transportation of passengers.

Besides, 198 drivers created an emergency on the carriageway, 1628 - passed on forbidding signal of the traffic light, and 4 025 - violated rules of transportation of passengers. The state traffic inspectorate since the beginning of year sent 23 representations to Glavavtotransinspektion's Territorial Administration for the solution of a question on license deprivation.After all from - for traffic violations of the rules since the beginning of year with the participation of "minibuses" 103 road accidents, from them because of drivers of "minibuses" - 18 took place. As a result, 24 persons were traumatized different severity.

Many motor transportation enterprises, employing as drivers not always honestly approach to a problem of selection of shots: accept drivers without driver's experience; the corresponding instructing before departure on a route aren't carried out. Eyes are closed to last "merits" - the driver dismissed from one ATP for violation of labor discipline, traffic violation of the rules, and it found a place in other ATP, but thus its relation to work didn't change at all.

Not all motor transportation enterprises keep account and the analysis of violations by drivers of PDR revealed by staff of GAI. There are facts that some heads treat actions of the inspector of GAI, as the prejudiced. But it is worth knowing that if heads of the autoenterprise won't make careful professional selection at employment of drivers, this natural selection will be made for them by the Road. Only what price? At the cost of the life and health of innocent passengers who honestly pay for travel!

Dear drivers of share taxis, in point 5.5 of Traffic regulations it is noted that passengers have the right for safe transportation of and baggage, so don't deprive of them this right.


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