The Nikolaev Jews start noting today the Hanukkah - on Soviet already installed the huge hanukalny lamp

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Tonight the Nikolaev Jews start celebrating the Hanukkah - a festival of light and fires, one of the most joyful holidays of a Judaic calendar, report "The Nikolaev messages"


Specially for this holiday this morning on Sovetskaya Street by means of a crane installed the big hanukalny lamp. It will decorate the main city street eight days, exactly so many Jews by tradition celebrate the Hanukkah.

The chief rabbi of Nikolaev Shol Gottlieb with the first asterisk in the sky will light the first hanukalny candle. Every day the quantity of the lit candles will increase.

The Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday of candles which light in honor of the miracle which has occurred at consecration of the Temple after a victory of army of Iyeguda Maccabee over armies of the tsar Antiochus in 164 BC

In 332 BC Judea voluntary passed under the power of Alexander of Macedon who adhered to a non-interference policy in religious life of Jews. After Alexander's death in 323 BC and sets of wars which were waged among themselves by his successors, the Egyptian dynasty came to the power Ptolemeev and the next century passed in a condition of relative stability.

In 198 BC Ptolemaeus were crushed by Selevkidami (the Assyrian Greeks) into which hands Judea fell also. First the general situation seemed invariable and even partly improved. Jews received the written guarantees confirming their right to live "under laws of the fathers", and the tax burden was a little reduced. But then Selevkida started making attempts эллинизировать Jews. The Greek philosophy and culture gradually began to get on the Jewish Wednesday.

In 175 BC Antiochus Epifan came to the power, at him the ellinization of the non Greek population got especially rigid forms. The Torah became the forbidden book, observance of the Jewish laws - the serious crime, everywhere established idols. Antiochus gave the name to Jerusalem, temple treasures were confiscated, and the Temple is plundered.

In reply in Judea revolt under family leadership Makkaveev began. In comparison with Antiochus's army, the insurgent army was small, badly armed and prepared.Iyeguda Maccabee heading army, understanding it, I avoided open battles, without giving to the opponent of opportunity to take numerical advantage. Attacking separate groups of Greeks, the insurgent army won one victory for another. In three years it forced out conquerors from the territory of the country and freed Jerusalem, having proved, thereby, that the high aim and strength of mind sometimes have crucial importance.

The legend says that having risen by the Temple mountain, Jews found in the Temple oil for icon lamps, sufficient for fire maintenance only within one day. However wonderfully fire in a gold menorah burned the whole eight days during which prepared new stocks of oil. So the Temple was newly consecrated. In memory of this event on a holiday every evening light candles: one - in the first day of the holiday, two - in the second, three - in the third and so on, to eight, using for this purpose, as a rule, a special candlestick - a hanukiya. The Jewish wisdom says: "There is some light enough to disseminate big darkness".


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