In the Nikolaev BSMP victims from - for ice - generally women

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The traumatologic office of BSMP of the city of Nikolaev is calculated on 60 beds and they never are empty. In office patients with fractures of hands and feet, and also varying severity concussion constantly arrive. Besides, in connection with complications of weather conditions the number of patients increased also.

As told to the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" in traumatologic office of BSMP of Nikolaev, only for yesterday's days in office six people who suffered from - for ice on roads arrived. The similar number of victims from - for ice was recorded on December 18 and 19 this year, and on December 17 in office eight people with various injuries arrived.

Women, average age of victims - from 46 to 80 years are generally injured. Much less often in traumatologic office men arrive.

On a question that it is necessary to undertake to avoid injuries, the employee of office advised people is more senior to stay at home and without need not to go outside, well and if it is very necessary, to put on the corresponding footwear - on a low sole. It is possible to attach to a sole also special thorns, it will increase stability on the slippery road.

Rules which need to be observed at ice:

  1. Hold your horses: delay for 5 minutes - much smaller trouble, than five-week "rest" on a hospital bed.
  2. Attentively you look as at the road, and under feet, without admiring over the countries that you usually contemplate in "normal" days.
  3. In especially slippery days prefer your most fashionable footwear of the steadiest.
  4. At balance violation - quickly sit down, it is the most real chance to keep standing.
  5. You bypass metal covers of hatches. As a rule, they are covered with ice. Besides, they can be badly fixed that increases risk to be traumatized.
  6. If you fell on the street, felt severe pain in any part of a body or, even worse, fainted on some seconds - immediately go to traumatologic point.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine recommends before an exit to make of the house for footwear special "ледоступы":

- attach on a heel before an exit a piece of foam rubber;

- paste an adhesive plaster or an insulating tape on a dry sole and a heel (a cross - crosswise) and before an exit rub with sand (on one - two days suffice);

- rub with an emery paper a sole before an exit, and attach it on a sole better;

- bring on a sole glue (for example, "Moment") and put footwear on sand after that safely you go outside.


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