Elements consequences: in Nikolayevshchina two villages are disconnected from gas, one road

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In total during the period from December 16 to December 23 for assistance to the population by divisions of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area it was involved the 86th piece of equipment and the 286th person of staff. From snow drifts by divisions of head department 5 buses of suburban connection were released the 167th pieces of equipment, from them, the help to 371 persons is provided, transfers the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit in the Nikolaev area.

On operational information of "Nikolayevoblenergo" by a state on 06:00 23-го December in the territory of area it is disconnected from power supply of 9 feeders from them 2 partially, 58 TP, 13ChP from them 2 partially, namely in Voznesensky the area 1 feeder partially, 8TP, 1ChP partially; to Berezanskoma area 4th feeder, 20TP, 5ChP; in the Vradiyevsky area 3 feeders, 24TP, 5ChP; in the city of Nikolaev 1 feeder partially, 6TP. According to information "Ukrtelecom" of violations of telecommunication with settlements of area isn't present. According to "Nikolayevgaz" the village the Cheerful Beam, the Veselobalkovsky Village Council of the Kazankovsky area is disconnected from gas supply.

On operational information of service of highways in the Nikolaev area, 8 pieces of equipment and 26 workers got down to work on highways, from them on roads of the state value 27 pieces of equipment and 16 workers are attracted. In the city of Nikolaev 8 pieces of equipment and 8 employees of the ELU municipal enterprise of highways work at highways.

Now there is without motor transportation connection 1 settlement Andreevo's village - to Zoryana in the Berezansky area.

Divisions of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area from 24:00 on December 23 till 06:00 on December 23 were attracted 2 times for providing the help with motor transport withdrawal from snow drifts - 2 (2 cars, 5 people are rescued).

According to the territorial Center of emergency medical aid in the Nikolaev area of cases of frostbite and overcooling of people which got to snow drifts and automobile jams it isn't registered.


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