The Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant overcame a three hundred-million boundary of development of the electric power

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At the end of the days 14-го July of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant 300 million kilowatts - hours of electric energy since the operation beginning are made.

As reports work Department with the public and mass media It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, today the first starting complex acts on Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant as a part of two units. The first hydrounit is entered into work in December 2006-го the years, the second is accepted in operation in August 2007-го. At the moment the construction of the second turn of pumped storage power plant as a part of 3-го the unit proceeds. We will note that construction of TGAES was begun in 1981-ohm year, is planned to finish it in 2010 ohms.

By calculations, the Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant initially intended for a covering of peak loadings in Hugo - the western part of the integrated power system of Ukraine, and also for providing a reliable basic operating mode Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Carrying out a role peculiar "the water accumulator", it consumes the excess electric power at o'clock of so-called night failures (a pump mode) and develops missing kilowatts during the periods of peak power consumption (a generating or turbine mode).

In a power supply system considerable unevenness of the daily schedule of loadings and sharp need for peak and quickly operating emergency capacities is observed. In this situation hydroheat-sink capacities allow to make more expensive electric power for a covering of evening and morning peaks of consumption or use of cheaper excess night energy. On assurances of Department of work with the public and YuU nuclear power plant mass media, it allows to reduce costs of fuel and of the general service of station.

TGAES rated capacity as a part of six hydrounits has to make 906 megawatts in a turbine mode and 1494 - in pump. Total rated capacity of the put into operation first starting complex in a mode of generation of the electric power - 302 MWt, in a pump mode - 433 MWt. Annual development of a starting complex - more than 200 million kilowatts - hours of the electric power. The capital electrotechnical equipment of two units - first-borns, according to in a press - service nuclear power plant, has no analogs in Ukraine. Experience of their production, adjustment and operation will be used at further construction of the Ukrainian hydroheat-sink stations.

However, according to the Nikolaev ecologists, not everything is so good as to us present. Activity of two units of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant (from six planned), on their assurances, already led to floodings of big territories of Regional landscape park "Granitno — Steppe Pobuzhye" - the reserve which was high on the list in the Seven Miracles of Ukraine list, and also to destruction of the most part of agricultural grounds in Domanevskom, Arbuzinsk and Voznesensky regions of the Nikolaev area.


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