The Nikolaev sanstantion doesn't disturb, whether trade in the fish who has died of a heat in Nikolayevshchina

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In the Internet - newspapers news that in the south of Ukraine, in particular in Nikolaev and in Odessa, the fact of sale of dead fish in the markets was recorded. However in the state ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area similar information disprove.

We will remind, "Nikvesti" was told that in the territory of area there was a large-scale ecological disaster, in waters of Nikolayevshchina fish in large quantities perishes.

The similar situation developed not only in Nikolaev, but also in the Kherson and Odessa areas. In particular, according to the state inspector of environmental protection in the Nikolaev area Ivan Kravtsov, from Rybakovk's resort near Nikolaev for one night took out 6 trucks of a dead bull-calf.

- In 3 days we utilized 46 tons of the lost fish from all area! It twice exceeds indicators for all last year! - Ivan Kravtsov was indignant.

Besides, by the Nikolaev journalists it was noticed that locals diligently collect in cellophane packages of the bull-calves cast ashore. It was possible to assume that sooner or later these bull-calves will appear in fish ranks in the official and spontaneous city markets.

- Staff of ecoinspectorate of any fact of sale of dead fish didn't fix, - the head of department of control of bioresources prirodno - reserved fund of the state ecoinspection in the Nikolaev area Nikolay Pastushenko declared. - I can tell it with full confidence. Now, in connection with such situation, in general under continuous control there are places of trade in fish. It is worth eliciting the fact of absence of documents on an origin of fish that says that brought together her near a reservoir and sell. Every day inspectors since morning leave and look on the markets in the city. In particular, yesterday were in Berezanke, there the route Odessa - Nikolaev goes, and there is a spontaneous market where trade in fish. And so even there came around, but, nevertheless, found nothing.

According to Nikolay Pastushenko, now in general very few people trade in fish in the markets. Besides, none of businessmen won't decide to get fish from hands for realization, in connection with that number of inspections which are carried out.

- I even will tell that now in fish practically don't trade, open business in fish in the spontaneous markets isn't done. Here for yesterday, across all Nikolaev only four points of trade were revealed. It generally in supermarkets, but you understand that there won't accept fish of an unknown origin. Certainly, this business not comic, our people wishing on a bottle to gather, is a lot of. But others, having studied information on the Internet, in newspapers, understand that there is a pestilence of fish that all strictly check, and anybody from any seller on a path will buy nothing, - Nikolay Pastushenko noted.

He also noted that checks are conducted together with employees of a regional sanepidstantion. It should be noted that not only in ecoinspection claim that the situation is controlled by SES. Nevertheless, the chief health officer of the Nikolaev area Vladimir Klochko categorically denies participation of employees of SES in the checks, connected with sale of fish.

- We aren't engaged in it. In the markets, according to the law of Ukraine "About quality food" the veterinary service works, at the markets the created veterinary laboratories, services which are engaged in control function, - Vladimir Klochko noted.


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