On Saturday in Nikolayevshchina two children were run over by cars – 6-ти and 14-ти years

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In the morning on August 28 at 10.10 in Nikolaev on st. the Potemkinsky driver of the SUZUKI SX4 car, ran on 14 - the summer boy who crossed the carriageway in an unspecified place for transition. As a result of incident of the pupil of the Nikolaev comprehensive school No. 53 with closed cherepno - a brain trauma and concussion of a brain delivered in traumatologic office of the Nikolaev regional children's hospital.

On the same day, at 17.20 to Voznesensk at the house 37 on Shchors St. the driver of the Chevrolet car, made arrival on 6 - the summer pedestrian who suddenly started running across the carriageway.
Owing to autoincident the pedestrian with the diagnosis: closed cherepno - a brain trauma and the brain concussion, the closed fracture of the left clavicle with the shift, the closed fracture of both bones of the left shin, is delivered in hospital Voznesenskaya's surgical office.

In the current year in the territory of Nikolayevshchina happened 55 dorozhno - transport incidents to participation of children in whom 1 child was lost and 69 were injured. More than a half dorozhno - transport incidents occurred because of drivers - 36 road accidents, on imprudence of children - 15 autoincidents. Children till 7 years - 20,7%, school students aged from 7 till 14 years - 34,3% and teenagers aged from 14 till 18 years - 45% became participants of adventures. On category of participants of traffic children and teenagers were distributed as follows: pedestrians - 49%; passengers - 33,3%.

The main reasons dorozhno - transport incidents because of children is a transition of a carriageway in an unspecified place, a sudden exit to the carriageway from - for the subjects limiting visibility, and also violation of the rules of traffic by minor cyclists or drivers of motor-transport.

With approach of new academic year intensity of movement on highways of minor pedestrians sharply increases, especially when passing to a place of study and back. The analysis of statistical data shows that children's dorozhno - transport traumatism has pronounced seasonal nature. The quantity of similar injuries considerably increases in September when the considerable group of first graders has an opportunity to move on city streets without supervision родител


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