To be attentive the State traffic inspectorate calls for children on the road in the Nikolaev area

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All parents want to see the children healthy and happy. Whether here only always we, adults, make for this purpose all possible efforts? Probably, no, and it should bring figures into confirmation, only since the beginning of this year on highways of area it is made 44 dorozhno - transport incidents with participation of minors in whom 3 children were lost and 48 - were traumatized varying severity. Whom to blame for the grief which has come to a family who has to be responsible for pain and sufferings of kids? …

We got used to consider that the pedestrian who has violated traffic regulations, itself is guilty in the incident. But such it is impossible to tell about behavior on the road of the child. Because, first of all adults - parents, teachers, and certainly, - the driver are guilty. Reasonable question - why such long list "guilty"? Yes because, one - in due time didn't teach children to behave correctly on the street, others - didn't warn against the possible dangers trapping them on the carriageway.

It is considered to be that the main reason children's dorozhno - transport traumatism consists in an indiscipline of little pedestrians. Certainly, children sometimes behave on the road thoughtlessly. But, dear adults, think, looking at the child dashingly slipping between a steam of cars, - whether display it our behavior? Whether we, ignoring requirements of elementary rules of safe behavior on the road, subconsciously we push children on unjustified risk?

Absolutely new academic year, so since September 1 will begin soon, on the street will appear in tens times more little pedestrians. Therefore adults should see it now already how knows your child of the Traffic regulation. After all as the statistics shows, only for this year a half of all dorozhno - transport incidents with the assistance of children occurred because of young pedestrians.Thus, because of minors there were 19 road accidents in which 1 child died, and 20 got various injuries.

Dear parents! Crossing the street, warn the children against carelessness. Thereby you will secure young life against tragedies. Besides it would be advisable to check independent behavior of the kid on the road. And the important fact - to be an example


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