The Ministry of Emergency Situations urges to be the extremely careful with fire!

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The record daily number of fires was recorded during the last days by the staff of Head department Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection in the Nikolaev area. Results of days off: On August 16 there were 40 fires, and 17 - 31 ignition. Fortunately, victims on fires for these days weren't.

The areas of burning were rather big, and in certain cases reached 85000 square meters. All equipment and staff was stirred to action against fire.

In the majority, the dry grass in open territories burns. Most often the reason of trouble becomes, a so-called, human factor: carelessness and negligence of people at the treatment of fire. The thrown not burned up cigarette or outstanding match brought in each case to trouble. Especially dangerously in such conditions to burn garbage or to make fire, and then to leave them without supervision.

Only on August 16 - 17 all regions of area "burned" without exception. All these fires managed to liquidate in due time.

In order to avoid emergence of fires, GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Nikolaev area asks inhabitants of Nikolaev to be rather attentive at the treatment of fire in the open territory.

That the trouble didn't come to your house, adhere to elementary fire safety regulations. Don't burn a dry grass near trees, wooden buildings, houses. Don't allow children озоровать with matches, don't allow them to burn a grass. In order to avoid fire perenimaniye from one building on another to clear of garbage and a dry grass the territory of the yards, garages.


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