Mchsniki in Nikolayevshchina competing in speed liquidated emission of dangerous chemical

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As the statistics testifies, recently quickly - saving divisions of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area most often are involved in elimination of consequences of road accident and rescue of people on water objects. Therefore, for the first time in Nikolayevshchina, competitions on the best abnormally - saving office among divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Nikolaev regional management were held on August 20. These competitions were fulfilled on the river bank the Southern Bug before entry into Matveevk's settlement. Competitions took place in some stages. The signal to start sounded. On a plan of organizers, at the first stage rescuers had to liquidate emission of dangerous chemical. Mchsniki was dressed by means of protection of respiratory organs and skin, then, having overcome a zone of the conditional chemical infection which distance I made 10 meters, blocked a latch (the cylinder gate) and came back back, passing on baton to other members of team. All this needed to be made quickly and it is coped as in a real situation every minute is expensive. At the second stage rescuers had to execute unblocking of the conditional victim in road accident. Fighters by means of a petrolcutting torch cut metal designs, wooden whetstone which were fixed in a door of the case of the disassembled car, and got the victim. Thus the special attention was paid by judges on safety of the rescuer and the victim - correctness of use abnormally - the saving equipment, equipment of the rescuer, protection of the victim against sparks in operating time бензо - elektrorezaky. Then the conditional victim transported on a stretcher in quickly - the saving car. The stage which was the last, today the most actual is a rescue of the victim on water objects. Here the whole event was developed. "Victim" was in water at distance of 15 meters from the coast. Fighters threw to "sinking" a lifebuoy with a rope and, having swum up by the boat, pulled out the person from water for delivery to the coast. Already ashore rescuers rendered first aid under accurate supervision of the chief of a first-aid post. Competitions took place in intense speed, being expressed by military terminology, in the conditions, most approached to fighting.They passed interestingly both for participants, and for the audience. As the deputy chief of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area Valery Semenov commented: "Today we model abnormally - a rescue service of the future, and similar innovations in carrying out doctrines will surely have continuation, after all human lives depend on professionalism of rescuers. " By results of competition the first place was won by rescuers of SGPCh-5 on protection of the Novobugsky region of the Nikolaev area. The honorary title "The best abnormally - saving office" is appropriated to them. Rescuers of SGPCh-26 rose by the second step on protection of the Bashtansky area, and the third place was taken by rescuers of SGPCh-2 on protection of Leninsky district of Nikolaev.
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