On Naberezhnoye Highway in Kiev 6 cars faced: three persons in hospital

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On Thursday, May 22, at 15:10 on Naberezhnoye Highway (Pechersky area) in Kiev six cars faced: "Opel", ZAZ - Deu, "VAZ-2110, "Deu Nubira", "Audi - A-6", "Volkswagen the Caravel". About it "Kiyanam

"reported in department of public relations of Management of GAI of the city of Kiev.

As a result of incident suffered: 22- the summer driver of "Opel" whom hospitalized with closed cherepno - the brain trauma closed by an injury of a breast and a stomach; the driver "Deu Nubira", was hospitalized with the preliminary diagnosis - the closed injury of a breast, the body bruise, an open fracture of the right shin; the passenger "Deu", 26 - the summer girl, was hospitalized with closed cherepno - a brain trauma, a body bruise, a fracture of the right shin.

According to preliminary data, responsible for road accident was the driver of "Opel" who tried to make overtaking, having left on an oncoming lane.


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