70 young karatekas in Nikolaev tried to prove, who from them the best

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Yesterday, on October 12, in the sports hall of school No. 20 Open championship of the Nikolaev area in Kiokushin - Caen karate "The first a tatami" among children who are engaged from a year to three years took place.

70 children took part in competitions from Nikolaev and area. They represent four organizations Kiokushin - karate: The Nikolaev regional organization Kiokushin - Budokarate, the Nikolaev regional organization Kiokushin - Caen karate, the Nikolaev regional organization Shin - Kiokushin - Caen karate and the Nikolaev regional organization Simmey - before karate.

In categories among boys the following athletes became strongest.

In category of 6-7 years (-25 kg):

The first place - Maxim Myz

The second place - Danil Kushnarev

The third place - Nikita Salyga

In category of 6-7 years (-30 kg):

The first place - Danil Ozerov

The second place - Roman Leonov

In category 8-9let (-30 kg):

The first place - Maxim Logvinenko and Victor Degtyarev

The second place - Evgeny Shurmin and Maxim Melnik

And the third place was divided among themselves by Alexander Zmunchinov, Yaroslav Lushin, Ivan Kupay and Vitaly Babik

In category of 8-9 years (+30 kg):

The first place - Alexey Maksimenko

The second place - Kirill Kapitonenko

The third place - Semyon Laktyushin

In category of 10-11 years (-35 kg):

The first place - Vadim Erekhensky

The second place - Alexander Denisov

The third place was divided among themselves by four participants. It is Alexander Tachansky, Nikita Fortuna, Dmitry Pallady, Viyan Makhomat.

In category of 10-11 years (+ 45 kg):

The first place - Stanislav Gorbunov

The second place - Valery Kapitanenko

In category of 12-13 years (-40 kg):

The first place - Vitaly Katerinyuk

The second place - Sergey Timanovsky

The third place - Alexey Kovalenko and Igor Skorik

In category of 12-13 years (-45 kg):

The first place - Andrey Gishko

The second place - Andrey Osokin

The third place - Maxim Pokrasov

In category of 12-13 years (+ 45 kg):

The first place - Konstantin Slobodyanik

The second place - Anatoly Panasenok

The third place - Vladimir Monastyrsky

Competitions and didn't do without female category. Among girls winners became:

The first place - Anastasia Hodakovskaya and Ekaterina Krysenko.

The second place - Yana Sorachan and Anastasius Prokofiev

As commented on competitive process the trainer Denis Ozerov who is one of organizers of carrying out these competitions, competition are carried out among boys and girls by age of 6-13 years.

- To us sports results, how many that the athlete overcame the laziness and fear before the opponent aren't so much important, - he speaks. - We explain that on a tatami it is faced by that person who will help it to become better, than it now. After all at these competitions perspective athletes on whom then in training process will be laid hopes are selected.

As for traumatism, Denis Ozerov noted the following:

- Traumatism minimum. In a children's organism the most terrible is an injury of the head. Thanks to that in competitive process the hand in the head doesn't work, after all the knockout and a knock-down as the quantity of blows which get to the head is terrible isn't so terrible... We, unfortunately, from - for a lack of financing aren't able to afford the psychologist who would work with our children during competitive process. But fortunately, we managed to find the person who didn't refuse to sponsor us is a director general "the South - Tekhnotorga". It to us allocated 60 thousand UAH for acquisition of the necessary equipment and a tatami. Now 1 sq.m of a tatami costs 180 UAH, and 100 sq.m

were necessary to us

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