Fall – a mushroom time... Be careful

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Recently in Ukraine weather sharply changed. After hot and sunny days already whole week there are rains. And after a while we will see result of these climatic changes on counters and the spontaneous markets. Mushrooms are gifts of the wood, but whether they are safe for the person?

As the statistics, sometimes even skilled mushroom pickers who for years collect "wood gifts" testifies, confuse very dangerous pale toadstool to russulas. And - deceivers not to count such mushrooms.

Besides, not all fans of "silent hunting" know that collecting edible wild-growing fungi near automobile and tracks, the industrial enterprises, storages of toxic chemicals and musornik also leads to poisoning. Mushrooms have property to accumulate toxic substances from environment, and then even the edible fungi can become hazardous to health and human lives, in particular for children. Therefore during collecting, processing, conservation and purchase of "wood gifts" it is necessary to be the extremely careful, after all consequences can be tragic. To prevent poisoning with mushrooms, it is necessary to remember: it is forbidden to buy mushrooms in the spontaneous markets, to gather mushrooms if you aren't sure that well you know them.

How to distinguish poisoning with mushrooms? Primary symptoms of poisoning: nausea, vomiting, belly-ache, bringing develop through one - four hours after the use of mushrooms, depending on a species of a mushroom, age and a state of health of the person, quantity of the eaten mushrooms. Pain and nausea repeat in 6-12 hours. And the death can come in 5-10 days after poisoning.

First aid in case of poisoning with mushrooms. If the person had first symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms, first of all it is necessary to cause "emergency medical service". At the same time, without expecting its ("ambulance") of arrival, at once wash out a stomach. For this purpose it is necessary to drink 5-6 glasses of boiled water or it is pale - pink solution of potassium permanganate. After that press fingers a language root to cause vomiting. When washing waters become pure, drink four - six tablets of absorbent carbon.It is necessary to find out who else together with the victim used mushrooms, and to take preventive measures.

It is forbidden! To use any drugs and food and furthermore alcoholic beverages are can accelerate absorption of toxins in intestines. It is forbidden to be engaged in any kinds of self-treatment also.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area reminds: "Gathering mushrooms, never put in a basket what you don't know, be careful of lamellar mushrooms. Attentively check the gathered mushrooms before to use them, and it is best of all to refuse the use of wild-growing mushrooms in general.


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