In Nikolaev "Field" gently kissed on a luggage carrier "Skoda"

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Today on Oktyabrsky Avenue, about 11 hours, there was the road accident which reason, according to the staff of GAI, there was a banal excess of speed by the driver of "Field".

- "Skoda", of course, not especially suffered - the driver of "Field" to it slightly touched, but all the same pleasant in road accident it isn't enough, - one of sergeants of the State traffic inspectorate added.


With it you won't argue - practically any road accident is accompanied by traffic jams. So was and this time: while GAI officers made the protocol, on Oktyabrsky Avenue the huge stopper was formed. Many drivers of the passenger minibuses who have appeared in it, without deliberating turned from the prospectus and, crossing tram ways, moved further. Time - money, it - yes. And safety?


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