In the Nikolaev area the quantity of poisonings with mushrooms already broke last year's "record"

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The list of poisonings with mushrooms in the Nikolaev area already broke "records" of last year. Since the beginning of a season 28 cases of poisonings with 46 victims and six victims are registered. Most of all mushroom pickers weren't lucky from Zhovtnevy, Ship, May Day regions of the Nikolaev area, a thicket of others getting on a hospital bed. In one cases mushroom pickers mixed edible fungi with poisonous, in others - boiled thoroughly insufficiently and fried thoroughly mushrooms, in the third - used wood gifts in food, having diseases of digestive organs. And the result wasn't slow to affect.

As practice shows, the main reasons for poisonings with mushrooms is an ignorance of their types, the wrong preparation, the late request for medical aid. From year to year scheduled maintenance among the population amplifies from medical institutions, service Ministry of Emergency Situations, more and more materials appears in mass media. Also there is an impression that many mushroom pickers don't react to all this, without reflecting on consequences for health, hoping on notorious "perhaps".

The correct preparation and storage of mushrooms is important. It is necessary to observe rules of heat treatment of mushrooms strictly: it is necessary to boil them not less than three times for twenty minutes with change of water and only then to fry. It is strictly forbidden to use mushrooms decoction as broth. Besides heat treatment doesn't exempt poisonous mushrooms from poison. National ways of determination of suitability of mushrooms by means of a silver spoon or a bulb are inefficient also.

If all of you - decided to indulge yourselves and native with dishes with mushrooms, go behind them to the next supermarket. So more safely for health. And if not in forces to resist temptation and still came for "silent hunting", it isn't necessary to forget about the basic rules.

It is necessary to gather only known edible mushrooms, young and not damaged. Not to taste crude mushrooms and not to allow to do it to children.

It isn't necessary to gather mushrooms within the city, near brisk roads, the industrial enterprises, warehouses of toxic chemicals, garbage dumps, after all even edible fungi can accumulate toxic substances.

It is impossible to buy mushrooms from the casual persons trading in unspecified places, along roads. And in the markets it is necessary to get the mushrooms which have passed laboratory researches.

It is necessary to process mushrooms, without postponing as it is perishable good. Before the use in food it is necessary to boil thoroughly them not less than two times, merging water, and then it is good to fry thoroughly.

And still such important point. Mushrooms - though the useful product, but is heavy food. Therefore it needs to be excluded from a food allowance of small children, elderly people, and also those who has chronic diseases of digestive organs. In cases when there is a suspicion on poisoning with mushrooms, it is necessary to ask for medical care urgently. The earlier it will be made, the it is more than chances of a favorable outcome.


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