Mchsniki rescued "Epicentre"

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The other day (on November 4) in the territory of shopping center "Korabelny" ("Epitsentr To") the cities of Nikolaev passed planned garrison pozharno tactical maneuvers. Such scale of the doctrine on large city facilities of Nikolaev and area are carried out monthly. Their purpose - working off of interaction of the personnel of supermarkets and service Ministry of Emergency Situations of actions in case of fire or accident emergence. As supermarkets are objects with mass stay of people, and during a certain period of time the number of visitors can exceed five hundred people therefore in case of a signal the fire alarm is given not only the next fire brigade which arrives to a scene in 3 minutes, but also all city parts.

According to the scenario of doctrines as a result of careless handling of fire of loaders of a supermarket on 1 - ignition of products from a tree and goods in combustible packing in a warehouse of shopping center "Korabelny" came m a floor. Automatic installation of fire extinguishing didn't work. During carrying out investigation and the elimination beginning the fire took the circular form and extended on the area of 80 sq.m. To complicate to participants of doctrines task performance, entered the additional introduction: that in one of rooms the employee of a supermarket appeared in a fiery trap, rescuers had to find and evacuate it.

The divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations which have arrived to a call, started "fire" elimination according to the developed algorithm. All actions of participants of doctrines were carried out in a "fighting" mode. The administration of the Ship supermarket ensured continuous functioning of rescuers, the place for heating and staff disguise, for service of equipment and filling with fuel of fire trucks is taken away.The personnel of object and division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations showed high readiness for actions in a similar situation. Quickly I worked the service personnel of shopping center "Epitsentr To", protection provided the admission of the first divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations which arrived to a call, evacuation of the service personnel and material values.

About an hour it was required to rescuers to liquidate a conditional fire. Over 40 fighters took part in practical training from pozharno - saving divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and also workers of a supermarket were attracted. 7 units of fire and special equipment were involved.

According to the head of tactical maneuvers - the head of department of forces of civil protection of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area Orest Korchinsky: "Fires such are very difficult the unpredictability. During the carried-out doctrines actions of divisions of service of rescue were given a positive mark. Fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are ready to performance of the tasks assigned to them".


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