"Nikolayevvodokanal" annually dumps about 29 million cubes of sewage

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Thanks to performance by the enterprises - water users of nature protection actions for the last six years observe a tendency to reduction of volumes of dumping of the polluted waters without cleaning.

At the same time, as the assistant prosecutor of area concerning supervision of observance of the nature protection legislation Vladislav Lemzyakov reported, during recent check by prosecutor's office of area of observance of requirements of the Water code of Ukraine concerning use and protection of waters and reproduction of water resources, other normative documents the enterprises and the organizations established a number of violations.

So, one of the greatest enterprises - violators was and there is NKP "Nikolayevvodokanal" on which unauthorized dumpings of crude sewage from treatment facilities of the regional center are carried out to superficial water objects that leads to their pollution.

It is the result of imperfection, the wear, insufficient design capacity of systems, and also damage of deep-water release on treatment facilities of the sewerage of Nikolaev. In this regard about 29 million cubic meters of the polluted sewage from which at emergencies 123 thousand CBM of the polluted waters get to a surface water without cleaning are annually dumped to the Bugsky estuary. In crude sewage reusable excess of contents of the nitrites, the hanged substances, etc. is revealed. All this leads to a sanepidemsituation aggravation, negatively influences a condition of water resources in area.

Only in February of the current year the debt of the enterprise on payment for pollution of surrounding environment made 316 600 UAH in this connection the nature protection prosecutor's office brought the instruction about compensation of the specified damage. By results of instruction consideration this sum is completely transferred into the budget.

Except NKP "Nikolayevvodokanal", considerable pollutants of reservoirs of area are KP "City Water Utility" (of Bashtank) and KP "Olshansky Water Utility" (The Nikolaev area) which from - for low-quality work of treatment facilities annually dump 296 thousand CBM of the polluted sewage in reservoirs.

As reported a press - service of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area, by results of check by prosecutor's office the appropriate measures of reaction are taken.


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