From - for Spasskaya Street overlappings in Nikolaev there were jams on the central streets

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Here some days on the central streets of Nikolaev the uniform end of the world is created. Bolshaya Morskaya Street, on a piece from Pushkin to Soviet, is a continuous traffic jam. Regularly there are "jams" and on Pushkinskaya St., especially on so-called "a Pushkin ring" - crossing Pushkin with Lenin Avenue. Pedestrians as if the tired-out hares, rush about between cars, drivers signal and nepechatno swear.

In general - that jams - the phenomenon for Nikolaev not characteristic, thanks to historical features of town-planning planning. The majority of the central streets - Lenin Avenue, Garden, Admiral's, Pushkin, Chkalova, Chigrin - hundred wide and more than meters. Similar in the afternoon with fire not to find anything in other cities of Ukraine. For this reason Nikolaev managed to avoid until recently happily a damnation of all modern cities - traffic jams.

And here, at last, waited. And the decision of executive committee of the Nikolaev city council No. 1965 of October 24, 2008 according to which movement of the motor transport on Spasskaya St. is forbidden became the reason for everything. And, not all Spasskaya, but only her site from Pushkin to Lyagin is blocked. Now to pass around the city - a big problem. Earlier all transport moving with Pushkin towards Garden, was divided into three streams: on Spasskaya, on Big Sea and on Lenin Avenue. "Tranzitniki" went further and turned on Chigrin St. After Spasskaya closed, everything who went on this street earlier, turn on Big Sea which and wasn't empty before. Result - jams.

Than the executive committee was guided, making such decision? The motivation, at first sight, is quite noble: "for the purpose of decrease in a gas contamination and noise in the central part of Nikolaev, and also for the purpose of savings and protection of important historical monuments of architecture".But it turned out, as in that saying: "It was smooth on paper and forgot about ravines - and on them to go".

Besides, knowing people claim that neither a gas contamination, nor noise, especially, protection of important monuments of architecture in this case at anything. Because main who really wins in this case is the Nikolaev regional prosecutor's office borrowing on Spasskaya the whole quarter: from Pushkin to Faleevskaya. On a place everyone can be convinced: near public prosecutor's buildings now - real good fortune. You noise, gas-polluted air - one only expensive cars on a parking. Prosecutors already and a barrier started establishing - that, foolishly, any mere mortal didn't stop by in their ancestral lands. Whether really the executive committee of the City Council tried to please regional prosecutor's office with the, to put it mildly, unreasoned decision?

To answer this question there is nobody. The city authorities keep silent, GAI claims that carries out the decision of the city authorities, and in the prosecutor's office answered as usual: "Send the letter of inquiry - within a month receive the answer".


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