In the Nikolaev area at trade enterprises in 2008 there were 18 fires. Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations does everything that the markets didn't burn

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Recently in area, as well as over all country, there was a difficult situation with growth of fires. Practically any news doesn't do without terrible plots from big fires. Private houses and high-rise buildings, shops and state institutions burn. In one cases manages loss of property, in others there are loss of human life. A certain percent in this sad statistics is occupied by fires in the markets. And it is especially necessary to pay attention to it. After all the market is that place where in a certain time of day there is a big congestion of people, and, in case of any unforeseen situation, a consequence can be unpredictable.

In the Nikolaev area at trade enterprises in 2008 there were 18 fires. Losses are estimated in tens of thousands of hryvnias.

Annually employees of the state fire supervision carry out an inspection both the markets, and the objects of trade located in their territory. Their purpose - to check implementation of requirements of fire safety and not to allow fires. Within the current year during checks of the inspector of fire supervision revealed numerous violations of the rules of fire safety, for what a number of heads and officials are brought to administrative responsibility.

And to punish is for what, after all on objects the vypoleniye of requirements of fire safety is systematically ignored, the fire-prevention mode isn't observed. The administration of the markets doesn't own elementary skills of actions at a fire. Issues of acquisition of primary fire extinguishing means, the equipment of rooms are difficult resolved by installations of fire automatic equipment, the device of external and internal fire-prevention water supply.

On trade objects the violation of the rules of fire safety is the most common reasons of ignitions at installation and electric equipment operation. As for an electrical wiring, in some buildings it isn't calculated on connection of a large number of electroconsumers. And when in one room ten computers, the photocopier, some phones and faxes, the refrigerator, and in winter time - also heaters at the same time work, the risk of short circuit from - for power supply network overloads increases. In this case not all use infrared heaters, though it is known that the fire when using this equipment is almost impossible.

Not less painful problem of the markets are passes, emergency exits, ladders, warehouse. Everywhere there has to be the maximum order. They can't be encumbered with boxes or furniture. This widespread violation in shops where from - for economy of a place of a box with goods quite often stand in passes between racks.

Emergency exits in working hours have to be open. Doors on ways of evacuation of people have to open freely and in the exit direction from the building.

Not less pressing questions - not observance of fire-prevention gaps between booths, constructions and buildings, the device of combustible coverings over passes between ranks that can promote fast distribution of fire in case of a fire.

There is a wish to pay attention of heads of the markets and trade organizations that observing the requirements of fire safety provided by the legislation, you will be able to avoid a fire, thereby to keep material values, and maybe someone's life.


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