Unemployment in Nikolaev grows

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As the deputy director of city Department of work and social protection Elena Nikolaeva, an existing indicator of unemployment in Nikolaev told, 0,7% of able-bodied population, isn't such iridescent and optimistical. "According to the legislation, the notification working in two months therefore squall of dismissals should be expected at the beginning of the next year" is provided, - Elena Nikolaeva speaks.

At estimates of experts of possible decline in production by the end of the year at the level of 3-5%, the number of the dismissed workers easily will read off scale in запределье. And it means that can not be among citizens of such family which would be bypassed by a wave of dismissals and reductions. In Nikolaevsk the regional center of employment explain a difference in terms at the same result - work deprivation - as follows: if you dismiss on reduction, you will start going on the dole with 8-го day after "departure" from work. And here leaving "at own will" will give only the status of the unemployed, but the grant can be added only in 3 months. However and there is the "but". If at dismissal the formulation "by agreement of the parties" at own will sounds, it will give you the same advantages, as to the reduced. Unless without severance pay you will remain …

As the director of the center of employment Nikolay Vorona reported, the number of the reduced workers on area for October made 56 people, and for the last week of November - 12. Therefore to speak now about general dismissal while there is no sense: "Everything will begin only since new year".

However that whom it concerned already today, heart doesn't heat. So, on GP "Nikolaev Seaport" 47 people and 34 dockers already are already dismissed received notices of reduction, on GP NARP 24 persons become the unemployed no later than the last peal of bells of 2008, also reduction of number of workers of NKPG "Dawn — Mashproyekt" on 342 persons until the end of the year is expected.

Besides it is possible to carry to the hidden unemployment and reduction of working hours at the Nikolaev enterprises: in total on area in a mode of a part-time employment about 7000 workers work, and 254 persons are in unpaid holidays.

So, at aircraft repair plant 2-3 days work with payment for actually fulfilled time, 410 shipbuilders of Okean plant except incomplete week only work in a mode of reduced working hours, 1995 sailors of the Black Sea Fleet of ChSZ pass through a checkpoint no more than 3-4 times a week, the same situation and in GP "River Port" - 490 people, "Locomotive depot Nikolaev" - 809 railroad workers.

Soon it isn't necessary to speak about any improvements. About it tell figures.

From - for impossibility to satisfy conditions of the prisoner of the contract on production and delivery to equipment export at "Dawn" expect only at an initial stage of losses on 40 million euros. In the Nikolaev ports decrease in a cargo transportation for 20% is expected.

And if earlier high quality experts could count on work abroad, today all shipwrights, welders, builders hope only for the highest forces and prudence of our authorities.

While in the regional state center of employment from 10 till November 20 449 vacancies for officially registered 604 unoccupied inhabitants of Nikolaev are offered. Only 1444 citizens go on the dole. Bye. Tomorrow promise figures much above.

Comment of the expert:

Tatyana Efimenko - the manager of recruitment agency

Practically all firms giving vacancies, significantly underestimate salary level. That is, earlier for the same work they offered payment level more. But our clients too changed now. If chose work on a salary earlier, now agree on everyone. But and visitors for the last month became 40% more. And, respectively, approximately on as much decreased offers. The contingent of clients - the most various. But more accountants and in general representatives of the sphere of economy suffered. Credit experts at once became the unemployed. Are promptly reduced quantity working in shops of industrial group, and here in supermarkets of anything significantly didn't change. There even salaries didn't decrease. And here employees of small trade bases, metalbases also look for now new work.Here now it became known that in the city two shops "Fokstrot" were closed, now there will be only in the Central market, the same and with "El Dorado", which on Pobedy Avenue. So unemployed soon becomes even more.


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