In the Nikolaev area apartments and houses

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Household fires continue to be in the lead, reports GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area. In 11 months in the Nikolaev area there were 1480 fires. From them 1187 - in apartments and houses.

The abundance in apartments of various gas, household devices and chemical preparations constitutes considerable danger of emergence of a fire in the apartment in a case even the smallest violation of the rules of fire safety. At the same time experience shows that the population often violates these rules, without paying to them due attention or it is simple because doesn't know them. It leads to that in houses fires arise considerably more often than in public or production buildings.

The violation of the rules of using is electric devices the most common reason of fires. The analysis of such fires shows that they occur, generally for two reasons: in case of violation of the rules of fire safety during using household devices and malfunction of these devices. Daily in area occur one - two fires for these reasons. So, on December 2 in a summer kitchen down the street Garden the cities of Bashtanka from - for short circuit, the TV lit up. Fortunately, the owner managed to extinguish in time a flame.

Besides, fires can arise and from a faulty electrical wiring or power supply network misuse. It can occur, for example, if to include some household appliances in one socket at the same time. There is an overload, wires heat up, and isolation can light up. If in a place of short circuit there are combustible materials and designs, they in a trice light up. Therefore it is necessary to watch serviceability of isolation of wires, not to allow fastening them nails which can break isolation.

To avoid a fire, it is necessary to observe the basic rules of fire safety at operation of electric and heating devices which are used in a life:

· heating devices can be installed only on nonflammable supports;

· it is forbidden to leave devices which are switched on, without supervision;

· it is forbidden to turn on in one socket at the same time some devices;

· it is necessary to watch density of contacts in places of accession of wires of devices to a fork, plugs among themselves, etc.;

· it is dangerous to replace fused safety locks in TVs, receivers and other household appliances, self-made or fuses;

· it is forbidden to use self-made heating devices.

Only observing these rules, you can avoid a fire.


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