Only in 4 hours of working off in Nikolaev it was revealed 137 "marshrutchik - violators"

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Yesterday, on December 9, in Nikolaev the staff of GAI saw off quickly - preventive working off of the city on traffic safety at implementation of passenger traffic. Inspectors of GAI paid the main attention to passenger transport, in particular minibuses.

In four hours of working off which was carried out from 15.00 till 19.00, the staff of GAI revealed around the city 137 violations by drivers of passenger transport of traffic regulations, from them 83 - by means of special photos - and video units.

As state car inspectors note, generally marshrutchik violate rules of a stop, parking, the rule of journey of intersections, and also rules of landing and disembarkation of passengers. "Passengers take anywhere, than create threat of life of people", - one of inspectors of GAI who participated in city working off declared.

In total for December 9 it was revealed 25 - the facts of violation of the rules of transportation of passengers (a penalty of 170-255 UAH), 42 - violations of the rules of journey of intersections (a penalty of 425-510 UAH), 57 - violations of the rules of a stop, parking (a penalty from 255-340 UAH), 5 - journey on forbidding signal of the traffic light (a penalty of 425-510 UAH).

In share taxis GAI officers treat standing passengers while is loyal. As inspectors tell: "We don't fine for 2-3 standing passengers. We stop, we lead preventive discussions. But if the minibus is hammered so that there's not an inch of room, then we fine. The penalty for transportation of standing passengers for drivers of share taxis makes from 175 to 255 UAH".

Drivers of minibuses treat similar checks on - to a miscellaneous. According to inspectors of GAI, generally react negatively, often go for disputes, sometimes offer bribes, but now similar "attempts to get out" became more rare - drivers know that the audio can be conducted - and video therefore are rather afraid to offer - leaves is more expensive then.


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