Nikolaev "marshrutchik" picketed regional GAI, protesting against new penalties

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Today drivers of the Nikolaev minibuses arranged protest action against as they were expressed, that the staff of GAI doesn't allow them to work.

According to marshrutchik, after the introduction in action of new penalties the staff of GAI began to carp at them simply.

To pay attention to existing problems, drivers arranged picket. In the demand for holding this action the place - "Vokzalnaya Square" was specified. Exactly there protesters also gathered.

They expected that someone from the management of the Nikolaev regional GAI and when understood will approach to them that to them nobody is going to go, went to the building of regional GAI.

About 100 people surrounded an entrance of the building of the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area.

To communicate to picketers there were two deputy chief of the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area Oleg Tonkantsov and Georgy Georgiadi.

Communication took place in a quiet situation. Questions at drivers of share taxis was is the and not equipped stops, their inconvenient placement (many stops are located directly near crosswalks), a question of transportation of standing passengers and many other things much.

But the most shocking, according to drivers, it that the staff of GAI very captiously treats them.

Drivers consider that in our city to drive up to a stop, without violating the rule, it is simply impossible, and the staff of GAI stands nearby and waits for any, even the smallest, violation to make a penalty.

"GAI is a not only retaliatory body. You have to consider a human factor. We aren't able to pay such penalties. At our place there are children and they want to eat", - declared one of "marshrutchik".

The deputy chief Gosavtoinspektion of the Nikolaev area Oleg Tonkantsov, in turn, considers that the staff of GAI shouldn't close an eye to violations of traffic regulations.

"And if you think that are fined incorrectly, write the application in the State traffic inspectorate. Each such statement is in details considered by the guide of regional GAI and to each separate case the decision" is passed, - O. Tonkantsov declared.

The majority of questions which drivers of minibuses asked the management of regional GAI, has to be addressed to the city authorities, but according to the same drivers, the city authorities were informed of holding this action, and even were invited … But why - that didn't come.

Two-hour conversation to anything I didn't lead - everyone agreed to differ.

Georgy Georgiadi suggested drivers to state in writing the claims and to gather together next week.

"Let's gather next week, for example, in a recreation center of the Department of Internal Affairs. We will invite representatives of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and we will solve a problem", - I declared to G. Georgiadi.


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