Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations urge citizens to be careful with petards, fireworks and other pyrotechnics

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Workers of the State fire supervision of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area komissionno, together with representatives of militia and protection of the rights of consumers, carry out checks of places of realization of pyrotechnic production for the purpose of prevention of a violation of the law concerning its distribution.

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According to the chief of regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Nikolay Postupalsky, the purpose of these checks - not to allow accidents, fires, causing to citizens of physical or psychological harm, as a result of pyrotechnics use. In the regional center a number of the actions directed on prevention of realization of festive pyrotechnics without certificates of conformity is carried out.

About results of checks - in the following publications. Control won't stop, after all peak of realization of these dangerous goods still ahead.

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It is necessary to remember that the wrong and inept use even the certified pyrotechnic products can lead to fires, a mutilation and death of people. Petards in hands малышни are especially dangerous.

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For this reason rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations urge citizens to be careful at the address with pyrotechnic products, to adhere to safety measures and not to allow children to start a petard or fireworks. And it is better to refuse dangerous entertainments in general!||nebezopasnykh |


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