The SUV of 50 meters flied hitting about trees! The passenger threw out from salon and she having flown by 20 meters I broke about a house

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Yesterday, on June 16, around 16.30 in Nikolaev on the street of "68 paratroopers" there was a terrible road accident. The Toyota of Rav 4 car, moved down the street "68 paratroopers" from NGGU of Pyotr Mogila in the direction to Sadovaya St., and in the area "1-й Slobodskoy" brought it moved down on a roadside where crashed into a tree. After blow, the car deployed and it hit in the second tree.

But also it didn't stop the car. The vehicle rejected back on the carriageway.

In total, the car about 50 meters "turned" down the street "68 paratroopers", in such radius the spare parts which have fallen off numerous blows are scattered.

During accident in the car there were 3 persons: driver and two passengers.

The driver practically didn't suffer. The passenger who sat on forward sitting, the safety cushion rescued. With multiple injuries it took away in hospital.

And here to the passenger - young the girl, sitting on back sitting it wasn't succeeded to survive. It threw out from the car through a luggage carrier. Having flown by about 20-and meters, the girl hit about a wall of the private house No. 11 which to be on st. of "68 paratroopers". The death came instantly.

To a scene at once there arrived employees of the State traffic inspectorate and the chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia N. Svetochev.

The driver of the Toyota of Rav 4 car, was in a state of shock but after tala of the lost girl took away, we managed to communicate to it.

He claims that from - for weather conditions the car brought and it became uncontrollable and hit in a tree, from this point he remembers nothing.

Yes it is valid, on the road there was a decent sphere of water as there was a small heavy rain, but the staff of GAI is sure that the car went with obvious excess of speed to what that distance on which it rejected after the first blow testifies. Most likely it also is the main cause of the tragedy.


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