Near the Tendrovsky braid found a body of the inhabitant of Odessa who has drowned on May 9?

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On June 16 employees of sea protection found in the Black Sea in the Nikolaev area a body of the victim who on some signs is similar to the inhabitant of Odessa, the missing person on May 9.

I reported the official site of the Ministry of emergency situations of Ukraine about it.

Frontier guards found a body of the man at distance of 15 kilometers from the coast, near the island the Tendrovsky braid (The Nikolaev area), in a point with coordinates 46 ° 20' a northern latitude, 31 ° 27' east longitude.

The boat of sea protection delivered a body of the victim in пгт Naked Pier of the Kherson area. Rescuers assume that it is 31 - the summer A.G. Robul, one of four inhabitants of Odessa, missing persons on May 9 during sea walk near the settlement Zatoka Belgorod - the Dniester region of Odessa region.

Now rescuers expect arrival of relatives of A.G. Robul for an identification of the victim.

Reference:As reported "Reporter", three men and one girl put out to sea on May 9 at 9 o'clock on the motor boat "The Crimea — 2" from the private mooring at the Solar station in пгт Zatoka Belgorod - Dniester area. They were going to fish around Dniester banks in 4 km from the coast. The boat went to the sea from the private territory, from a border service her owner had no permission to an exit. The exit of the boat and route officially weren't registered that complicated actions of rescuers. Onboard there were 4 persons though boats of this kind are designed for 3 people. Besides, they left ashore two life jackets.

Rescue services conducted search operation within a week. In total in поисково - rescue efforts 150 people of staff from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, State frontier service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Mintranssvyaz, and also 7 vessels, two helicopters and the plane of the Ministry of Emergency Situations participated. Day and night worked divers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations search group. They found the empty boat on May 13 at 17:16 on Dniester bank. The boat lay at a depth of 8 meters at distance about 32 km from the coast (17,5 nautical miles).

The head of department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Odessa region, the colonel of service of civil protection Mikhail Vovk reported that at inspection of the lifted boat rescuers found cracks through which water inside arrived.The handle of management is turned out against the stop is testifies that people tried to execute sharp maneuver, probably, to turn to the coast. At this moment the easy boat by which the heavy powerful engine was installed, could lose balance and turn over. Temperature of sea water was no more than 10 degrees of heat, and people could hold on on water no more than half an hour. Besides, as local fishermen testified, on May 9 on the sea there was a storm, height of waves reached meter. According to the passport given to the watercraft no more than 500 m are authorized to move away from the coast on distance. That is in this case it is a question of rough violation of the rules of safety.

As of May 27 posts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Belgorod - Dniester, Kiliysky, Tatarbunarsky areas and local divisions of State frontier service continued to survey about 45 thousand sq.m of the water area and 90 km of a shore in a mode on duty, with involvement of local fishermen and volunteers. Bodies of missing persons still aren't found.


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