How to be saved from flu?

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State on in 05.02.2009 (in 6 weeks) in the Nikolaev area incidence of flu and other respiratory virus infections below epidemic level for 16,2%, however in 4 areas (Zhovtnevy, Krivoozersky, Novoodesky and Bashtansky) are exceeded threshold levels, the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area reports.

In area monitoring for epidedemprotsessy flu and other sharp respiratory infections is conducted. At achievement of an epidemic incidence the complex of the actions provided for the epidemic period becomes effective.

The best means of counteraction to flu is its prevention.

Every year during a cold time we are expected by the next epidemic of this disease. Flu and ORV make 95% of all infectious diseases in the world. Annually flu have to 500 million people, 2 from which die.

Periodically repeating, flu and ORV select at us totally about a year of full-fledged life. The person spends this time down and out, suffers from high temperature, a fever, a headache, organism poisoning with virus proteins. At a serious condition there are irreversible defeats warmly - vascular system which provoke a disease of heart and vessels, pneumonia, трахеобронхит, a encephalomeningitis. To suspend this process, despite all efforts of doctors and scientists, for the present it isn't possible. Therefore it is necessary to prepare for an inevitable flu epidemic already today that it didn't take us in unawares. The best means of counteraction to a disease is its prevention. Vaccination - means of counteraction to flu is important. One of the most effective specific prophylactics of flu is, certainly, vaccination. Vaccinal prevention should be carried out not less than for two - three weeks prior to the beginning of epidemic that the organism had time for immunity formation.

Medicamentous preparations.Timely isolation of patients from completely healthy people, use of individual means of protection (gauze bandages), all-improving actions (organism training), the use of a large amount of vitamins is important. Not the last place in prevention of flu is taken by such preparation, as Interferon. You shouldn't neglect also such preparation, as Remantadin. This means is checked by time.

Methods of traditional medicine.At the first symptoms of a disease use onions and garlic. After all they comprise фитонциды, special substances which interfere with distribution of bacteria and viruses. Cut a big bulb and you breathe in its couples. It is desirable to do such procedure several times per day. Are very useful at cold of tincture from plants: black currant, cranberry, dogrose, raspberry. It is better to dry or freeze these berries in the freezer, and to use in the winter, preparing from them vitamin tea. Cooking food, it is also possible to use preventive qualities of some seasonings.


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