In the Nikolaev area the grandson with the friends nearly didn't burn giving the grandmother

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If in your house oven heating, you remember that statistically everyone 10-й the fire in a house occurs from - for malfunctions of the furnace or its wrong operation. From simple desire to be warmed nearby to trouble. One spark from a crack in an oven - nearby things also will light up. However not all inhabitants of private houses reflect on danger which represents heat source.

So, on February 22 in the village of Konstantinovka of the New Odessa region of the Nikolaev area in one of country houses the youth had a rest. By the evening kindled the furnace, and at once firewood натолкали with all the heart, wishing to be warmed somewhat quicker and more long to keep heat. The furnace перекалилась - and from it cracks in a flue were formed. The fire didn't keep itself waiting long. At 12 o'clock in the morning wooden overlapping between 1 and 2 - m floors lit up. 25- the summer grandson of the owner of giving by the first noticed the begun fire, even tried to put out fire. However only I got burns of average weight. By the time of arrival of division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire area made 30 square meters. More, fortunately, nobody suffered. About it reports the Center of promotion of GUMChS in the Nikolaev area.

In apartments and the houses having oven heating, it is necessary to pay attention to implementation of requirements of fire safety, both at the device of furnaces, and at their operation.

Fires most often occur from - for:

- перекала furnaces;

- emergence in a bricklaying of cracks;

- as a result of application for a kindling of combustible and flammable liquids;

- losses from a fire chamber or an ashpit of burning coals.

What to do? First of all it is necessary to prepare the furnace for a heating season. In particular, to clear a flue of ashes and soot, to cover all cracks which have appeared in a laying (at high temperature clay solution often gets enough sleep from seams).

It is impossible to leave the kindled furnace without supervision.Before a door of the furnace or a fireplace there has to be a prefurnace metal leaf not less than 50х70 cm in size. Under no circumstances don't kindle the furnace gasoline, kerosene or other similar liquids. Don't leave on heated parts of the furnace or a fireplace flammable subjects or liquids.


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