The Nikolaev products are more expensive, than on the average across Ukraine

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In 10 days of February (with 10 on 20 number) the prices of the main food slowly, but surely continued to creep up.

Rzhano - pshenichny bread rose in price almost for 10%, bread from a flour of the first grade - for 3,3%, long loafs - for 1,6%, semolina - for 1,8%, butter - for 0,8%.

From 1 to 2% the price of rice, boiled sausages, sour cream, sugar, and 3,1% - grew by potato. And here beef, pork and fat rose in price less, than for 1% (0,5 - 0,7%). Probably because now time of a post and buyers in the meat market - rare guests.

But the comparative price analysis across Ukraine showed that food price in Nikolaev exceeds the average cost of the same products in other cities. The flour of higher grade in Nikolaev is one kopek more expensive, than on the average across Ukraine, and makes 2,90 UAH for kg. Boiled sausages in our shops are on sale 3 kopeks more expensively (19,56 UAH/kg), a bird - for 1, 32 UAH (17,93 UAH/kg), eggs chicken - for 7 kopeks (6,36 UAH/kg), potatoes - for 22 kopeks (2,69 UAH/kg).

At first sight, what such kopek? But she, as we know, in the family budget protects ruble. Especially in crisis …


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