50% of the family budget with children spend the Nikolaev families for food

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The state committee of statistics summed up the results of selective inspection of living conditions of households. By results of poll the part of households with children in the Nikolaev area made 39% of total of households. The average monthly budget of such household made 2187 UAH, and the average income on the family member - 614 UAH. As for expenses of an average household with children, on the average for a month of a family spent 2123 UAH. About it reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.

Traditionally the most powerful share (50,8%) family budget of a family with children 7,1% - on clothes and footwear spent for acquisition of food, 1,5% - for alcoholic beverages, 1% - for tobacco products. On housing, water, the electric power, gas, on the average, 10,5% of funds, for household goods, household appliances and the current maintenance of housing, - 3,5%, were spent for rest and culture - 3,1%, for transport - 2,7%, health care - 2,4%, different goods and services - 2,4%, restaurants and hotels - 2,2%, communication - 1,9%, education - 1,4%.

In structure of cumulative expenses the specific weight of non-consuming expenses (to the aid of relatives, other persons, real estate purchase, capital repairs, construction of housing and economic buildings, on acquisition of actions, certificates, currencies, deposits to banking institutions, the alimony, taxes, collecting, contributions, etc.) made 9,5%.


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