Juvenile criminals ask to equate to the population of Kremenchug

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With such request to the City Council of Kremenchug of Poltava region the head of department of State Department concerning execution of punishments in Poltava region, the general - the major of internal service Nikolay Isayev addressed.

The letter signed by the general, contains a request to equate the Kremenchug children's corrective colony to the category "population" and to exclude it from category of "enterprise".

In the comment to "Regional committee" N. Isayev explained that correctional facilities in Poltavshchina aren't able to pay today for utilities in that size which is provided for the industrial enterprises. Earlier, when in colonies production was arranged, local authorities carried them on the status to the enterprises and, respectively, the management of colonies paid for utilities at the prices established for the enterprises. Now, the general will confess, in the majority of colonies prisoners have no orders and work therefore they aren't able to pay on existing norms.

For example, in Kremenchug it is necessary for a children's corrective colony annually on these purposes of 200 thousand UAH. But now, during crisis, colonists have no such money. If the local government transfers them to the category "population", colonists will pay for utilities less that will give the chance to remain it "afloat".


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