Seamen from "Faina" still didn't get paid, compensation

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"Faina's" seamen who as returned a month to Ukraine, still didn't receive from the shipowner not only compensation, but also in full a salary.

About it the Segodnya newspaper writes on Friday.

As mother of the mechanic Artem Girzhev Olga told, "Murenko (the representative of the shipowner Vadim Alperin) told that the vessel doesn't get under category of vessels with dangerous freight therefore about moral compensations the speech can't go".

"Children weren't given two promised salaries. My son, as well as everything, received only one, and that not the full. He had to receive monthly $1100, and received $700. But promise to compensate the cost of things which were taken away by pirates", - adds mother of the seaman.

According to her, at the son after stay in captivity at pirates sight strongly worsened, the thyroid gland increased, gastritis became aggravated, problems with a pancreas and a gall bladder began, there are violations in heart work.

"Sometimes wakes up and complains of a terrible headache in the morning. He is tormented by nightmares... He constantly tries to find to itself(himself) any occupation not to remain to one. For the weekend to it there comes the bride, it rescues it, they spend together much time", - Olga Girzheva speaks.

The mechanic Ivan Gerelyuk speaks about problems with health also: "I am treated in Feofaniya at the expense of the state. I have after return a depression - everything indifferently. For days on end I watch TV and I play computer games. I can't long fall asleep. During captivity I dreamed of cold beer and when came back home and I drank it, kidneys ached. And the stomach disturbs".

The sailor Vitaly Shelestov too gathers in Feofaniya: "Heart hurts also nerves not as it should be. Often I "flash" on trifles. Before such never was".

And here the assistant to the captain Alexander Prisukha of optimism doesn't lose: "I after all on the bridge constantly was, so with health I am all right. Partially I received money, and other payments, including for the lost things, to us promise to give before the end of the week".

Comments on the underpaid money didn't manage to be received. In the crewing company employing seamen, phones don't answer.

Victor Murenko reported to the edition: "I am the technical manager and the matter doesn't concern me.I was the representative of the shipowner when it was necessary to conduct negotiations".

Doesn't know about payments and the official representative of the shipowner on communications with mass media Mikhail Voitenko: "I about monetary questions don't know".


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