The State Banks were

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Following the results of the first two months 2009 among 10 largest banks growth of assets was shown only by the state Oshchadbank and Ukreksimbank.

"AFFAIRS" were available indicators of activity of 10 largest Ukrainian banks for the beginning of March of this year. As it appeared, for the first two months in the first ten banks changes already managed to happen. So, the Ukrsotsbank which for the beginning of year was the fifth by the size of assets, conceded the place to Ukreksimbank. VTB and "Nadra" banks traded places, the last closes now a top-10. Besides, Oshchadbank on assets was almost made even about Raiffeisen by the Aval Bank, having reduced for January - February a gap with 7,6 to 0,2 billion hryvnias.

It is remarkable that among these financial establishments only the state banks showed increments of assets: Oshchadbank - for 3,3%, Ukreksimbank - for 4,3%.

The increments of assets of the State Banks were carried out generally due to strengthening of credit operations. Oshchadbank for the first two months of year gave out the credits of 1,3 billion hryvnias, Ukreksimbank - on 1,7 billion hryvnias.

"The State Banks credited "Naftogaz of Ukraine" therefore assets increased. Besides they can get NBU and Cabinet of Ministers support according to governmental programs. They and will be further leaders on building of assets. Other financial establishments are more conservative. If they also have a liquidity, they will direct it on increase in reserves, instead of to be engaged in crediting", - the analyst of the Concorde Capital company Alexander Klimchuk considers.

Interbank crediting was increased only by Ukrsibbank and Oshchadbank - for 72,5% and 6% respectively. "On Mezhbank now high rates, and on the "short" credits now it is possible to earn more, than on economy crediting", - the analyst of the Troika Dialog company Evgeny Grebenyuk speaks.

However, other banks prefer to reduce volumes of interbank loans. Raiffeisen the Aval Bank reduced delivery of such credits for 91,2%, OTP Bank - by 29%, Privatbank - for 27%.

The last continues to remain the most generous interbank creditor - for the beginning of March the volume of the interbank credits given out by Privatbank made 4,8 billion hryvnias. On ten largest banks this indicator made 14 billion hryvnias that is 3,2 billion less, than at the beginning of a year.

Outflow of means of the population and legal entities for January - February made 18,3 billion hryvnias of this ten banks. More actively money from banks was withdrawn by the population - accounts of natural persons became empty almost on 10 billion hryvnias. The enterprises removed 8,4 billion hryvnias.

Oshchadbank was only of the presented establishments which could increase the volume of means of legal entities for 3,2% (117,4 million hryvnias), thus and outflow of deposits of the population in a percentage ratio in bank was the smallest - 2,7%. "Outflow of means in the State Banks is really less, it is explained by a psychological factor", - Evgeny Grebenyuk speaks.

The greatest outflow of means in absolute values was recorded in Privatbank - 6,3 billion hryvnias, the Alpha - Bank - 1,9 billion hryvnias and Raiffeisen the Aval Bank - 1,8 billion hryvnias.


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