"Kiyevgaz" stopped supply of gas on some objects of "Kiyevenergo".

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JSC Kiyevgaz in full stopped on April 27, 2009 supply of gas on RK "Nivki" and ST-2 which are served by JSC Kiyevenergo. As supply of gas to boiler rooms is stopped, the equipment automatically disconnects coppers for heating of the hot water, being in work. According to the message a press - services "Kiyevenergo", pressure of gas is stopped on the basis of a debt of the company to a recreation center "Gas of Ukraine" for fuel.

"The debt of "Kiyevenergo" to gas-suppliers now makes 487 million UAH. Thus the debt of the city budget to the power company, from - for which "Kiyevenergo" can't pay for fuel, makes 992 million UAH. Taking into account for a large sum of a debt of the Kiev city public administration before "Kiyevenergo", it isn't excluded that the gas supplying organizations will strengthen restriction of gas which is used for hot water supply in the capital", - the commercial director of "Kiyevenergo" Sergey Cech declared.

Interruption in supply of gas of regional boiler "Nivka" happened 10:20 and led to the termination of hot water supply in Podolsk, Svyatoshinsky, Shevchenkovsky administrative regions of the city of Kiev. As a whole without hot water there were 372 consumers, from which 302 - houses, 5 hospital institutions, 19 kindergartens, 13 high schools and 33 departments.

The termination of gas supply of ST-2 happened at 10:33. Hot water supply stopped in Podolsk and Obolonsk the administrative regions of Kiev. Total number of houses which received hot water thanks to ST-2, - 898 from which 580 - houses, 29 - hospital institutions, 31 kindergartens, 27 schools and 231 departments.

We will remind that on April 21-22 regional boiler "Dneprovodskaya" also was disconnected from gas supply. Without hot water supply there were 29 houses and 8 departmental constructions of the Obolonsky area on streets Dneprovodskaya, on March 8, Spring, pro-st. Spring, school and kindergarten.


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