Officials assure that, despite crisis, the salary of nikolayevets grows. On the average one worker receives to 1 643 hryvnia

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The average monthly salary of one worker in the Nikolaev area and today, despite a difficult economic situation, has a resistant tendency to growth. It was declared by the head of head department of work and social protection of the population Olga Sivoplyas. As reports a press - regional state administration service, level of a salary of one permanent member of staff for January - March on area makes 1643,7 UAH

The average salary in area in the directions of economic activity makes:

in the industry - 2211,6 UAH,

in agriculture - 1017,9 UAH,

in transport and communication - 2304,9 UAH,

in trade - 1055,2 UAH,

Compensation level in establishments:

educations - 1367,8 UAH;

health care - 1204,5 UAH;

the social help - 1051,3 UAH.

Among the cities and regions of area as Olga Sivoplyas emphasized, considerable differentiation of levels of a salary remains. Above everything work of employees of the enterprises of the cities of regional value is appreciated: Yuzhnoukrainsk - 3127,7 UAH, Nikolaev - 1781,9 UAH, Ochakov - 1355,3 UAH, Voznesensk - 1253,4 UAH.

The lowest wage is received by inhabitants of the May Day area - 986 UAH


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