The poor medicine, the angered patients... The conflict in regional infectious diseases hospital

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In the Nikolaev infectious diseases hospital No. 4 the serious conflict between medical staff and patients 3-го medical institution offices inflamed. Relatives of five patients (Goldberg, Doroshenko, Filippov, the Ram and the Big fish) wrote the complaint addressed to the chief physician of hospital concerning extortion of money and nonprofessionalism at treatment.

"My son, Goldberg Yu. M., 1974 year of birth, is on hospitalization from 23.04.2009 in the 3rd office. To it treatment by the doctor Ina Filippovna, in my opinion, the effective was appointed. From 29.04.2009 Fedorov of Page F. I cancelled earlier appointed treatment and I registered tablets which are contraindicated to it (sharp gastritis). To prolong treatment, the doctor Fedorova suggested to pay 50 hryvnias, and also to pay each injection and a dropper", - is spoken in the complaint.

An identical claim to the manager priyemno - diagnostic office of infectious diseases hospital to Svetlana Fedorova is made also by others 5 signed under the complaint. According to statements of relatives after patients refused to pay, them wrote out - including such which were actually chained to beds.
"At me here mother lies here one and a half months with meningitis. Our attending physician went on leave and to us appointed other doctor from other office", - Yulia Hramova tells. - "This Fedorova never visited patients in a week - today Thursday, and on Monday it started performance of the duties. And, without seeing never patients, I started doing new appointments".
"I saw it already directly during the conflict - with shouts, with insults. We don't accept its appointments, but this one. She even for each manipulation, for each dropper, for each movement demands money. Calls the concrete sums. Dropper - 30 hryvnias, an injection - 20 hryvnias. Here in the third chamber so it directly in a corridor at medical staff declared. In our case I called the father - mother at us lies, and the father "runs" - to himself in an office and told: "Well, you understand, it is necessary to pay. Percent don't pay to us, we have small salaries", - Yulia Hramova added.
In turn "heroine of the occasion", the manager priyemno - diagnostic office of infectious diseases hospital Svetlana Fedorova, noted that it to mother of one of patients really had a conflict situation.
"Yesterday we really had a conflict in office to one mummy.I, however, not absolutely understand why other mummies complained. Well with mothers of some patients, to be exact, one patient, there was a conversation on the fact that it here is not on a profile, breaks a mode... Beginning from smoking in chamber and before running and truancies. Therefore it was offered to it either to leave office, or to continue to be treated in other office on a profile where it and was directed today. On it mother moved herself aggressively", - told Svetlana Fedorova.
As for charges concerning extortion of money, she declared the following:
"About money here to us is probably more visible. Because any work of the personnel - the sister, the nurse - has to be paid. Naturally, parents perceive it as direct extortion. Any person can't tell that I told someone: "Give me money". I work not the first year, and 12 years. That is, I didn't speak to any person: "Give me money". I take when I am given. Here come and speak: "Thanks". Yes, I take, and I will take. My salary - 1600 hryvnias a month for one and a half rates. Also it is the highest salary in hospital - with all night, intensity... Therefore if I was given money, I took them, I will take and tell "thanks". But to come and tell that I won't treat or give me, and then I will treat, such I didn't speak and shouldn't speak", - Svetlana Fedorova declared.
Thus she added that those sums which were called as relatives of patients for "the put dropper" or "the made injection", are connected only with "contingent" of patients whom the medical staff should treat.
"30 hryvnias for one dropper are not installation of one dropper. It, in principle, the sum is called... Or provide my nurse to that is necessary to her by order of are three couples kolchuzhnykh of gloves, a protective suit of special type specialpatients with AIDS (costs 300 hryvnias) and them require 2 couples for days. It and points which 87 hryvnias stand - them is necessary 1 couple. That is, or you buy this protection and then medical staff approaches and works, or the personnel works as well as around the world, in AIDS - the center, etc. Gives tabletochka and tells without leaving for the territory how to drink these tablets", - Svetlana Fedorova noted.
"Our office isn't recognized officially for HIV - infected. Now in office people absolutely sick with AIDS lie. The hospital has no neither the status to treat such patients, nor privileges, holidays - anything. At us it everything has AIDS - the center.They have everything, but there patients don't go - they don't want, them there don't take. Scandal when we ask to take patients from us. There what, roughly speaking are treated, can come the feet, receive recommendations and leave. And what die, need intensive therapy, lie here. And people know it, and around the city it know", - the manager priyemno - diagnostic office of infectious diseases hospital No. 4 summed up.
Lawyers on this conflict have the vision.
"I consider that the state assumed a duty, declared that treatment at us free. Naturally, financing doesn't suffice, and it is a nation-wide problem. But in too time, I consider that though we and understand that physicians have small salaries, but anybody doesn't exempt them from the duties - to give medical help to the patient. It is impossible to put it in dependence on fee of the doctor - the doctor for it gets paid. Anyway... Big it or small. It already a problem of other sort", - is declared by the lawyer, the member of regional public organization "Nikolaev Human Rights Group" Dmitry Gumenny.
"For this purpose there are certain processes of law. The same doctor, the same nurse can address in Ministry of Health, in regional management of health care and demand creation of appropriate working conditions by it. Patients, in turn, can address up to the European court on protection of human rights and demand observance of those rights which to them were provided by the state, declared by the Constitution and other Legislation. Therefore if this conflict can't be resolved in the civilized way, for this purpose there is a court, and judicial authorities will have to put the end to this conflict", - the human rights activist considers.
P.S. The chief physician of infectious diseases hospital Stanislav Titovsky reported that all above patients who were for one reason or another written out, "will be taken on treatment again". Thus Yury Goldberg's mother in the presence of journalists demanded that he wrote it on the clinical record. The chief physician agreed, however, with words: "If to you my word suffices, I will make it". However, the similar statement was made only before television cameras and journalists. As soon as representatives of the press left, all patients started writing out, accompanies this process by abuse and shouts. "N news" will surely report later, than this conflict ended.


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