Last year on overhaul of roofs in the Nikolaev houses 3,6 million hryvnias left, and on reconstruction of cleaning constructions of the sewerage of money didn't suffice

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In total in 2008 on repair and the contents zhilishchno - municipal services of the city of Nikolaev from the state and city budgets of ZhKG department 75,59 million UAH, including were allocated for housing of 22,8 million UAH (from them 3,9 million UAH attracted).

As reports a press - service of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, on this money it is executed:

- capital repairs of roofs - 3,6 million UAH (50 roofs, 27,6 тыс.м.кв. ) ;

- repair of intra house systems of heating - 1,12 million UAH (13 intra house systems and replacement of 36 elevator knots);

- repair of thermal networks in houses (inputs) - 4,2 million UAH (29 inputs over 6 km long);

- installation of metering devices of thermal energy in houses - 1,5 million UAH (61 devices);

- repair of intra house electric networks - 1,27 million UAH (27 systems);

- repair of facades in houses for the sum of 584,22 a yew. UAH (10 houses);

- repair of intra house networks of cold water supply in houses for the sum of 517,79 thousand UAH (31 systems);

- repair of intra house networks of a drainage system in houses for the sum of 513,89 thousand UAH (35 systems);

- capital repairs of intra house networks of gas supply for the sum of 247,99 thousand UAH (replacement of 75 gas devices, repair 245 introduction to houses of gas cases);

- funds for acquisition of materials for preparation for a heating season of 2008-2009 zhilishchno - the operational enterprises - 0,8 million UAH;

- funds for acquisition of materials for maintenance of roofs of houses zhilishchno - the operational enterprises - 0,5 million UAH and so on.

Besides, on boiler room reconstruction on Belaya St., 71 (cogeneration) 2,3 million UAH, were spent for boiler room reconstruction on Karpenko St., by 20 - 0,6 million UAH, for reconstruction of a thermal network to the address of Geroyev Stalingrad Ave. 72-A - 1,2 million UAH (855 m of the item).

Construction of self-flowing collectors from apartment houses in μR. Varvarovka cost 2,82 million UAH

And construction of a dyuker between μR. Alluvium and μR. B. Korenikh - in 0,9 million UAH

The cost of the carried-out construction of an autonomous boiler room on st.Metallurgists, 97/1 (No. 40 SOSh) - 1,17 million UAH

And here on two objects the state money didn't arrive, namely "Reconstruction of thermal networks from a boiler room on Karpenko St., 20 in Nikolaev" and "Reconstruction of operating cleaning constructions of the sewerage in Nikolaev" for the sum of 4,56 million UAH though the city budget provided joint financing of 2,55 million UAH


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