Problem banks: chronicle of events

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found out, in what problem banks it is possible to rent the safe and in how many it will manage to the client

From the beginning of an active phase of financial crisis the quantity of free bank cells sharply decreased - the population removed funds from deposits and shifted them in bank safes. It became almost impossible to find a suitable cell. The acceptable choice is only in banks with temporary administration and that not always.

At once It should be noted that the temporary administration and introduction of the moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors have no relation to safes - access of the client to them remains open. "The difference between normally working bank and bank with the entered temporary administration concerning bank cells isn't present. It simply service in storage of values, and the administrator doesn't interfere with that is stored in the safe", - the chairman of the board of Hreshchatik bank Dmitry Gridzhuk confirms.

Kiev bank

At head office of Kiev bank on B. Hmelnitskogo St., 16-22, the employee offered on a cell choice from 6 to 30 centimeters in height (width and depth - 30 and 45 centimeters respectively). The price fluctuates from 5 to 10 hryvnias per day. Depending on the term of rent discounts are offered: 20% - if a cell are rented for a month, 30% - for 3 months, 40% - more than half a year and 50% - in case of the conclusion of the contract more than for a year. Except a payment for rent, it is necessary to leave pledge in 300 hryvnias on a case of loss of a key.

"The national credit"

At head office of bank on Turgenevskaya St., 52/58, there are free cells of any sizes. The smallest (3,5х25х50 centimeters) will manage in 1,6 hryvnia a day (at the conclusion of the contract for a period of up to 6 months) and 1,4 hryvnia (at rent for longer term). The cost of rent of the biggest safes (25х25х50 centimeters) fluctuates from 3,4 to 4 hryvnias per day depending on contract term. "We have the cheapest prices across Kiev. Pledge for a key - only 400 hryvnias, in other banks already take one thousand", - the employee of bank advertizes service. According to him, rent of cells in problem bank doesn't bear any danger to the client. "The bank has temporary difficulties. On safes it doesn't extend. You will have an access to values to any working hours. Many clients even now prolong contracts", - he adds.


In Pechersky office of Bank of regional development on Lesya Ukrainka Blvd., 26, there are only small cells (10x32,6x4,2 and 7,5x32, 6х4,2 centimeters). It is possible and not to hope for larger safes. "Big cells aren't present and won't be. Them rent for a long time and most often prolong contracts. Better not to count on them", - the employee of office of bank speaks.

Nadr's bank

Individual safes are only at head office of Nadra bank on Artem St., 15. In financial establishment reported that the increasing cells (25х20х30 centimeters) are occupied. "Them rent for the long term therefore if the big safe is necessary to you, it is necessary to wait not one month", - the employee reported. At the same time small and average cells are available. Their cost fluctuates from 4 to 8 hryvnias a day depending on the size. The system of discounts in bank same, as well as in other financial establishments - the more term, the is cheaper rent. Using service will cost half a year to 2,6-4 hryvnia a day, year - from 2 to 3,3 hryvnia. For a key it is necessary to bring pledge in 600 hryvnias.


Financial establishment offers rent of safes at head office on blvd. L. Ukrainians, 26, and in 8 Kiev offices. According to the employee of head office, they have free safes. Rent for a period of 3 months of the smallest cell (15х33х46 centimeters) will manage in 8,4 hryvnia per day, for half a year - 6,5 hryvnia. Pledge for a key - 500 hryvnias, and services of rent it is necessary to pay beforehand for the entire period.


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