The Nikolaev area takes the second place in Ukraine on privatization of objects of state ownership

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Following the results of privatization of objects of state ownership since the beginning of this yearThe Nikolaev area took the 2nd place in Ukraine, having passed forward only one industrial region of Ukraine - the Kharkov area. In total 100 objects are privatized. Receipt of funds from privatization and rent of the state property on 9,8 million hryvnias is provided. Arrived only from the city of Kiev more.

According to the head of the regional office of the State property fund of Ukraine on the Nikolaev areaEvgeny Kazansky, it is reached thanks to highly professional work of experts of RO FGIU. They the first in Ukraine carried out sale at auction of object of incomplete construction together with the land plot. It is a question about"Drobilno - sorting plant"The Lysogorsky pit in Pervomaisk the area with the land plot of 48 hectares.The object is privatized for 5 million 770 thousand hryvnias. According to the privatization plan, it is planned to complete object in 5 years. For this purpose the buyer undertakes to bring 100 million hryvnias of investments and to create 50 new workplaces. According to Evgeny Kazansky, it is quite successful privatization, after all it is a question of rather large sum with which the budget and current assets of the enterprise will replenish.

Nikolayevshchina for the first time in Ukraine this year held competition with auctionelements, on which for 3 million 793 thousand hryvnias are sold the equity stake of the design organization of joint stock company"Ukragroinzhproyekt"at a rate of 48,3 percent of shares. The Nikolaev enterprise of open company"became the winner of auctionAgroproyektstroy", which, except the above-mentioned sum, for the next 4 years has to bring in development acquired"Ukragroinzhproyekt"2 million hryvnias of investment means. Besides, under the terms of competition the buyer undertakes to carry out within 5 years a number socially - economic requirements.

Two more objects of incomplete construction were successfully realized by regional office of the State property fund of Ukraine on the Nikolaev area since the beginning of this year. It is a question of boiler GP "NVKG"Dawn - Mashproyekt", which together with the land plot sold for 1,4 million hryvnias, and N 32 shop on production of GP building materials"Shipbuilding plant of a name 61 of the Communard", which is realized to the profile investor for 7,12 million UAH. It also undertakes to bring 10 million hryvnias of investments and to create 15 new workplaces.

As a whole from total of the state enterprises in which privatization the regional office of FGIU from the very beginning of this process was engaged, two thirds are for today objects which normally work. In total without enterprise exception which are in RO FGIU management, last year worked profitably. On them completely there is no debt on a salary and other obligatory payments.


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