The Nikolaev yachtsman Yu. Zhiradkov, on the Obverse yacht, will go to single swimming from Nikolaev to Kiev

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The Nikolaev yachtsman Yu. Zhiradkov, on the Obverse yacht, plans will go to single swimming on a route: Nikolaev - Kherson - New Kakhovka - Nikopol - Zaporozhye - Dnepropetrovsk - Dneprodzerzhinsk - Kremenchug - Cherkassy - Kanev - Kiev. The yachtsman reported about it.

Start of this travel is planned for July 11 from the mooring of water station of National university of shipbuilding of a name of the admiral Makarov.

According to Yu. Zhiradkov the purpose of this travel - promotion of the Ukrainian, in particular, Nikolaev sailing, yacht tourism, promoting of the enterprises and firms of Nikolaev and area

Nikolayevets plans to pass on the five-meter Obverse yacht from Nikolaev to Kiev and back through the rivers the Southern Bug and Dnepr. These are about more than 1000 km in one party. Thus it is necessary to overcome five locks in the direction to Kiev and as much on a way back.

On a route some stops for a meeting with the cadets living in the large cities (located on the Dnepr River) are provided.

According to Yu. Zhiradkov, this swimming is one of preparatory stages of single global cruise on the yacht.

Reference:Zhiradkov Yury Borisovich, the military pensioner, the graduate Ussuriyskogo (Kursk, Far East) the Suvorov Military School in 1968 (21 releasing), served in Armed forces of 30 years, the lieutenant colonel in the resignation, the known yachtsman of Nikolaev and Ukraine, is engaged in sailing 20 years, specializes single swimmings on the yacht.

In 2000 the senior assistant to the captain of the Icarus yacht (the captain of the yacht Nemirov Boris Stepanovich), I made swimming on a route: Nikolaev (Ukraine) - Ceuta (Morocco, Spain) - Boston (USA) - Halifax (Canada) - Amsterdam (Holland) - Ceuta (Morocco, Spain) - Malta - Athens (Greece) - Istanbul (Turkey) - Varna (Bulgaria) - Nikolaev (Ukraine).

15000 nautical miles (27700 km) in 6 months are passed.

In 2005 I made single swimming round the Black Sea on a route: - Nikolaev (Ukraine) - Varna (Bulgaria) - Sinop (Turkey) - Sochi (Russia) - Nikolaev (Ukraine). 1330 nautical miles (2500 km) in 2 months are passed.

In 2008 I made single swimming on a route: Nikolaev (Ukraine) - the Black Sea - the river Danube - Belgrad (Serbia) - Nikolaev (Ukraine).

3000 kilometers in 40 days are passed.


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