In Nikolayevshchina Turks podpolno made candies in a toilet

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In Nikolayevshchina learned to do tasty chocolates by means of the construction pallet. Special confectionery ноу - Hau was developed in one of rooms being by rayselkhokhtekhnik citizens of Turkey. Foreign businessmen on rural shops of the region in which parents willingly bought up a cheap poison for the juvenile sweet teeth realized "sweet" production.

In a place where the underground confectionery shop settled down, still until recently there was a toilet. The cut-off by-pass sewer pipe brightly testified to it. Pipe - that cut off, however the smell of sewage didn't leave. About it reports

"Chocolate" candies were produced from wish-wash which businessmen banged from different mixes with addition of chemical dyes. Chocolate for them cooked in dirty rusty bathtubs. Turks produced the candies by means of the simple construction pallet. Toxicity of made candies is measured now by experts.

Militiamen covered a warehouse almost incidentally, Simply nobody could think that sweets can be made in the former toilet.
The deputy chief of Zhovtnevy regional department of militia Sergey Dyachenko says that in this case about observance of any technologies in general to say no sense. Production was made in insanitary conditions, and even to the conclusion of examinations it is possible to claim: made candies were hazardous to health.


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