In Nikolayevshchina 11 graders killed current some hours prior to a graduation party

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The territorial administration of the Gospromnadzor on the Nikolaev area makes 2 special investigations of death from defeat by the electric power of employees of the Nikolaev branch of JSC "Ukrtelekom" in пгт Brotherly and the Ukrainian society of the blind.

On July 3 about 15.00 electrician of linear constructions of communication of Ukrtelekom branch of JSC in Bratsk, having finished earlier the work, I started helping other workers to remove a cable from a support. During taking-up of the removed cable it was struck with electric current. From traumatized the man died.

For preliminary data to the tragedy led violation of labor discipline and requirements for labor protection, and also non-use by the victim of means of individual protection. At present investigation proceeds.

On July 9 on a floor in electropanel board the Ukrainian society blind without signs of life the electrician of this enterprise was found. Gospromnadzor territorial administrations on the Nikolaev area the commission for special investigation of this incident is created.

Besides, specialists of territorial administration will take part in investigation of death of the graduate of the 11th class of page Kobzark of the Snigirevsky area who, on June 26, during preparation of recreation center for a graduation party, checking lighting, undertook hands a wire which was energized. The young man died on the way to hospital, reports a press - the center of the Gospromnadzor for the Nikolaev area


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