Return of a payment for trade patents in the gaming sphere in Nikolayevshchina is demanded by those who continues to work podpolno

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For today in GNA in the Nikolaev area there are demands for return of a payment for trade patents for activity implementation in the gaming sphere for total amount in 3,8 million UAH, thus, that 250 thousand UAH according to such demands already returned. But with return of a payment there were some problems of what it became known on taken place on July 17 a press - conferences in облГНА, devoted to gaming questions.

According to the deputy head of GNA in the Nikolaev areaAnjelica Tsymbalyuto, the solution of a question with return of a payment for patents demands the complex decision.

"Those subjects of business activity who as it appears, continue the activity" address to us for return, - told A.Tsymbalyuk.

For this reason the working groups which consolidate all data on subjects of business activity in the gaming sphere were created, and return a payment for patents only to at what lack of slot machines to the specified addresses is accurately confirmed, lack of activity and its implementation is confirmed. Besides, tax specialists check, whether penalties to the businessmen who are carrying out activity in the sphere of a gaming (even before coming into effect of the Law of Ukraine "About a gaming ban in Ukraine" since the beginning of year tax specialists carried out 34 inspections on control of settlement operations of businessmen and additionally accrued penalties on 577 thousand UAH) and if yes, that of the sum of return the penalty sum is subtracted were earlier added. As added A.Tsymbalyuk, about 300 thousand more UAH of a payment for patents the other day have to be returned.

As for information on that, "playful" businessmen continue to work or are law-abiding citizens, it collect in the course of raids.As the head of GNA in the Nikolaev area Leonid Korchagin reported, since the beginning of coming into effect of the law on a ban of a gaming 289 objects of a gaming therefore 6 facts of illegal activity were established were fulfilled, 69 slot machines for total amount of 1 million 430 thousand UAH

are withdrawn

For the staff of tax police the center of Nikolaev became especially "fruitful". At first here found an underground gambling institution from which withdrew 15 slot machines for total amount of 180 thousand UAH, and literally the day before a press - conferences, on July 16, in a gambling hall 39 slot machines and 2 tables with roulettes for total amount of 1 million 70 thousand UAH besides were withdrawn, in one of bars of New Bug there was an established fact of illegal activity in the gaming sphere therefore from this bar 9 slot machines for total amount of 135 thousand UAH

were withdrawn

As the deputy head of department of tax policeassured journalistsSergey Dyndarenko, work on identification of illegal activity in the sphere of a gaming will be continued (especially as since July 16 tax specialists together with representatives of local governments carry out working off of potential locations of slot machine halls). But sometimes it isn't simple to make it: according to S. Dyndarenko, many objects function only at night, inside let only regular customers so to get there with check extremely difficult.

Slightly better a situation with suppression of activity of a gaming at UGSBEP of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. According to the deputy chief of UGSBEPAleksandra Tulayeva, the staff of law-enforcement bodies faces the same problems, as tax specialists, but results are. As of July 16 by results of joint checks activity of 7 gambling institutions operating in the territory of the Factory and Ship districts of Nikolaev is stopped, 7 protocols are made and 51 slot machines are withdrawn. Protocols were sent to courts, and 2 of them courts already considered. On one of protocols the decision on penalty imposing of 51 UAH, and on the second - confiscation of 23 slot machines was made. But, as A.Tulayev considers, businessmen protocols on which the court already considered, will challenge for certain judgments.

Still journalists interested that tax specialists do with the withdrawn slot machines. According to L.Korchagina, all withdrawn slot machines now are sealed and are in territorial offices of tax police (on the area of withdrawal). Further their destiny will be decided in court: the court can make the decision on their confiscation.

That will be farther while it isn't clear. After all item 4 of Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine "About a gaming ban in Ukraine" is supposed that KMU will introduce the bill allowing the organization of a gaming in separately taken away territory (i.e. in Ukraine it will be created some Las - Vegasov) in three-months time. If to count this three-months term from the date of entry into force of this law (on May 15), to time remained not so much on bill introduction.


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